"Ansuya Comprehensive Cabaret Certification" A Weekend Dance Workshop

Ansuya Bellydance Cabaret Comprehensive CertificateLet Superstar of Bellydance, Ansuya, show you how to perform an improvised Bellydance Cabaret Show that will...Capture your audience with… Firecracker Openings! Transport your audience with… Dramatic Veil! Celebrate your audience with… Basic Beledy! Mesmerize your audience with… Scintillating Shiftitelli! Amaze your audience with… Fantastic Floorwork! Delight your audience with… Hot Combinations! Impress your audience with… Exciting Finger Cymbals! Knock your audience over with… Drum Solos that Rock! Not only will she break down extensive techniques, but she will also unlock the mysteries of Improvisation! Emotional expression! Stage presence!Students will be provided with notes that have a built in grading system to help them keep track of their own progress.All students with full attendance will receive an Ansuya Cabaret Comprehensive Certificate. This is one of three certifications including the Ansuya Bellydance Fusion Comprehensive Certificate and the Ansuya Bellydance Prop Comprehensive Certificate. If students continue their studies and attain all three of these certificates, students will receive a final certificate: Elite Graduate of the Complete Ansuya Comprehensive Program.**** NO REFUNDS. Except for sold out or event cancellation. Southern Fusion Productions, Vera Calpeno (Fatina), Ansuya, 40 Watt Club, Memorial Park, Athens County Leisure Department and staff are not responsible nor assume any liability for injuries incurred by you or others, while you are exhibiting, entertaining, performing, or otherwise participating in this event. All activities are at your own risk, and by agreeing to entertain, perform or participate, you assume the risk and responsibility for any and all injuries. Southern Fusion Productions and all instructors listed herein are not responsible for any stolen or lost articles.Please read the above statement and be prepared, at registration the day of the event, to sign your agreement to the above terms.

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