Thurs 6/11 SF Cutters: FCP Managing the Edit; Trapcode; & After Effects• Jesse Spencer:Managing Files & MultiFormats in FCP Timeline • Sean Safreed: Co-Founder Essentials of Redgiant Software: • Karl Soule: Adobe: AE: Basics to Expressions


WE are well on our way to a SOLD OUT Evening - There may be some no shows, so if people do arrive and have not purchased a ticket, we will fill in just before 7 pm.

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The next meeting is July 21 - registration will start the end of next week, our capacity will be 150.



Final Cut Pro Managing the Edit;

Trapcode; & After Effects


Jesse Spencer: Freelance Editor, most recently of Video Arts,

"Mastering Final Cut Pro Series: #1

Organizing Files and Managing Mixed Formats in the Timeline:

Multiformat editing for Indies:

part one: Basic Workflow Strategies"

Multiformat editing is very easy to do poorly in FCP, and difficult to do well.

How can you start a project without knowing all the formats?

What if you inherit a job with multiformat issues... how can you get back on track?

This overview will explain options, and techniques for diagnosing multiformat issues. It is the first part of a multipart presentation series: Don't miss it!


Jesse has worked with many directors, producers as  sole editor, and with editors as a finishing editor to complete a remarkable body of work..

Here's a a link to Jesse's  online demo:

Jesse Spencer IMDB page:

Sean Safreed, Co-Founder, Red Giant Software:

"Creating Indispensible Effects, that Redgiant Software makes possible"

Red Giant Software, makers of the popular Magic Bullet (developed by The Orphanage’s Stu Maschwitz) and Knoll Light Factory (developed by ILM’s John Knoll), and was founded in 2002 to develop and distribute special FX tools for digital video and film professionals. The company is both a publisher of technology, now including Trapcode, and a developer of its own products, which are available as plug-ins for popular video editing and effects packages. The plug-ins have been used in thousands of feature films, music videos, national TV commercials and shows. Prior to co-founding Red Giant Software, he worked in product management and business development at Apple, Silicon Graphics, Puffin Designs and Pinnacle Systems (now part of Avid).

The talk:

I am going to focus on doing some simple effects with our tools that cannot be done with the native tools in After Effects. I will show how to enhance titles with Trapcode Starglow and Knoll Light Factory, add cool transitions with Trapcode Particular. I will also show off how to enhance video you have shot with our new Red Giant ToonIt v2 plugin that generates the best results for creating a cartoon from video and our Magic Bullet Quick Looks tool for adding killer looks to a clip in just 3 clicks.

Redgiant Software has also provided a FULL Trapcode Suite for the drawing:

So we will have a "Trapcode Challenge": 

75% attendance we will give away three-fourths* of the Suite

100% attendance we will give away the whole Suite AND

it will be up to a vote of the attendees whether the Suite products are give to one lucky winner or divided up to multiple winners, each Suite product has its own license 

* any Trapcode products remaining will be given away on July 21


Karl Soule, Adobe Evangelist:

See why Adobe After Effects is an industry standard in animation, graphics, and compositing in the industry. In this 30 minute discussion, Karl Soule’ will cover a wide range of After Effects techniques, from beginner to expert features, and will also show how After Effects integrates with other Adobe tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Encore.

In this session, you will learn about:

·         How to get started with After Effects by using Animation Presets

·         Learn about AE Expressions and the Puppet Tool

·         See how Dynamic Link integrates compositing into the editorial workflow

·         See some real-world examples of After Effects used in Hollywood

Adobe will be giving away one CS4 Production Premium - a second drawing will require a form with your name and contact information to be completed to be eligible. This will be addition to the drawing from one ticket at the door.

June 11th Raffle =

Sf Cutters June 11th Raffle:

everyone gets one ticket at entry - raffle pulled before end of meeting

You must register and attend to win:

Adobe CS4 Production Premium: need also to fill out a contact for to enter drawing, 


Winners drawn from tickets distributed during entry:

Courtesy of Redgiant Software:

Trapcode Suite SWEET Challenge: 

with 100% attendance we will give away a Full Trapcode Suite - 

attendees will vote whether this goes to one person or the plugins are divided, 

75% attendance we will give away 7 plugins, and the remaining 2 on July 21, we are at the 75% mark right now for meeting signup our goal is now to sell all seats.


2 each Artbeats - one HD clips of your choice, up to $299 value for each prize


Class on Demand: “Basic Training for Final Cut Studio 2” by Tom Wolsky


Conoa Easy FX - 2 copies


Coremelt Plugin


Creative Cow: “ Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects” hosted by Eran Stern


Digieffects NEW product “Natural Forces”: Create Realistic Nature Effects


Digital Heaven - "Loader" NEW in SF Cutters Raffle


DV Kitchen by - one copy - NEW in SF Cutters Raffle


Equilibrium Debabelizer


Focal Press: several books


MotionVFX -  $200 gift certificate NEW in Sf Cutters raffle:

HD Templates for Motions and After Effects


Noise NEW Product : This first month's effects pack of the Monthly Raffle Sponsorship program is our Noise Industries "SUGARfx H.U.D."  (Retail Value $79).

H.U.D. [Heads Up Display] is a unique set of plug-ins that make your video look like it’s being seen through binoculars, weapon sights, old cameras and a wide range of high-tech gadgetry.  Use the Binoculars plug-in to simulate interesting and unusual binocular viewfinders.  


nVeil   NEW in SF Cutters Raffle


A new creative tool for motion graphics on the Mac, nVeil creates unique visual effects by filtering source imagery through veils, 2D vector graphic line drawings, you can create.

Veils are chosen from the nVeil Library, created by you, or created by us for you.

nVeil is an FxPlug application working with Apple's Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express.


Omni Group- planning and design software: OmniGraffle Professional 5


Peachpit Press several books


Pond5  2 $100 prize certificates for May.  

“Please let folks know that we now have over 160,000 production quality clips, and we initiated a “Free Clip of The Week” program last month – there is a free clip up on the home page all the time that can be downloaded totally free.” Also you may wish to contact Pond5 if you have footage to sell -

Free clip to download:


Reel Directory : 1 boxed copy in the Raffle


Wiley Press one book



July  21

Roland  will be showing some new field recording audio gear and providing a primer on best methods for flawless audio acquisition in the field

“Eazydolly “ from JCL Custom Products - watch the video it’s crazy - it’s a dolly but it responds like a portable set of rails. The inventor Jason Hernandez will be with us.

"Free Form AE" from DigiEffects

and more our raffle sponsors are renewing and new ones are happy to support you!

We will have more Final Cut Studio, RED, JVC, Autodesk, Matrox and more this year - expect meetings to continue thru early Nov either at Adobe or Delancey St. Screening Room

We will take a break over Jan until the Jan meeting or the San Francisco Supermeet whichever comes first TBD. 

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