Midweek Connection Inc. will meet in the NW Suburbs of Chicago on Sept 30, 2009

We just launched a new Midweek Connection in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago!


MIDWEEK CONNECTION - A resource for today's professionals, both employed and in-transition

Our VISION - To be a resource for the community allowing for networking and providing information with a 3-pronged impact: Health/Wellness, Finances, and Career

What is Midweek Connection.... it's networking with a whole lot more...

It's not just making contacts and building relationships, it's also giving you up-to-date strategies to help you deal with emotional, financial and career issues. 

As many of us know, the economic situation has effected every area of our day-to-day lives. 

> Our June Midweek asked, "How are you dealing with the stress?" 

> In July we discussed, "How are you managing your finances?" 

> August was focused on Balance and how to find it.

> In September we will de discussing finding your passion and asking, "What career plans are you creating?" 


Midweek Connection uses a 3-pronged approach to networking and helps others learn strategies for dealing with life's biggest issues in the areas of health, finances and career.

In this new millenium, networking is THE most effective approach to getting a job.  Some statistics say that 60 - 80% of jobs will be found through networking.  You've connected with your personal contacts and professional online networks such as Linked In, but face-to-face contact is the best opportunity for you to shine and for others to remember you. 

Allow us to focus on your needs from 3 perspectives: health/wellness, finances and career. 

Our agenda already boasts such professionals as:

 - Sandra Garest, Executive Coach & Certified Senior Dream Manager for Floyd Consulting. She has completed training from Marcia Wieder’s Dream University and trained at the Disney Institute Executive Leadership Program. Sandra is focused on helping people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and organizations.  She has experience in guiding business owners, senior managers and executive teams on their journey to finding and pursuing their passions and removing the barriers that stand between them achieving their full potential.


- Lynn Torre of Financial Transitions & Terry Herr of Herr Capital both of whom are certified financial planners, will provide education, training, practical financial advice and innovative solutions that help take the uncertainty out of tomorrow.  As Certified Financial PlannersTM and Money Handling Skills TrainingTMProfessional Instructors,  they are committed to motivating and inspiring you to transform your life. They are here to help you create a plan that will change your relationship with money to create a new financial reality.  


- Michael Mataraza, is the Head Trainer for the Anthony Robbins Companies.  He travels the country 45 weeks a year speaking to over 400 companies a year running sales training and success seminars throughout the United States. Before Working in the U.S. Mike lived overseas In Tokyo, Indonesia, Africa and Brazil where he owned and ran his own Business. He is also the author of two books, “The Seven Secrets to Selling like a Champion, and Feed the Dog: How to Destroy Stress and Create Joy in Your Life”. He is working on a third book about his experience living with an Indian tribe in the Amazon.


Won’t you join us and find out how to be YOUR BEST SELF in these trying times?


Monika Labbé

Founder and CEO

Midweek Connection Inc.



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Midweek Connection $30 $1.74