ROCK BAND Video Game Jam Session

The first Saturday of each month, up to 150 aspiring rock legends and their groupies descend upon Rockie Raccoons in Toronto to show off their chops and rock out.

The event has garnered attention from The Globe and Mail and CBC's The National, and as the success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games spread so does the number of participants.

The event is run much like a karaoke night. Request slips are distributed and individuals or full 'bands' take the stage to perform 1 to 3 songs per set on their choice of guitar, bass, vocals, or drums.

There is no minimum skill requirement and everyone is welcome to perform.

If a group is less than four people the free instruments will be assumed by members of the jam session's 'House Band' or ensure the stage is always full.

There is also a tug-o-war round in which individual contestants compete head-to-head for prizes.

All equipment is provided. The event is Xbox 360 compatible for those who want to bring their customized guitars.

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