Excellence and Communication for Personal Trainers - Part 1


“As a personal trainer do you know what it takes to be successful and to achieve excellence in your field so that you build your client base and earn a six figure sum in your business?

Would you like access to the 10 NLP techniques, created from the study of Excellence, that will help you to achieve consistently excellent results for You, for your Clients and for your business?”


“Are you motivating your clients and meeting their expectations so that they stay with you, achieve excellence and recommend you to friends? Would using techniques such as rapport building, understanding what’s important to your client, and having an insight to their world and view point so that you’re catering to and delivering what they want, be valuable in retaining and attracting new clients?”


You as a fitness trainer, are a mentor and motivator, guiding clients toward their goals. Sometimes, understanding what the client wants and how serious they are about reaching those results, while motivating them is a balancing act which if slightly misjudged results in your clients going elsewhere or just giving up.


Personal fitness, like anything else is not just about a certification, there is a set of skills and competencies that will make you excellent at what you do, so that you will attract and retain a healthy client base.


Creating a trusting relationship is vital to your success. Your belief and confidence in yourself as a personal trainer is paramount and if you have any doubts or beliefs that stop you, knowing how to change these beliefs for yourself and clients, quickly and effectively, is a major step toward excellence.


Neuro Linguistic Programming provides you with such powerful techniques to use with yourself and your clients and in this Seminar you will learn a selection that applied daily, will improve your Personal Fitness business significantly.


As and HFPA student, when you attend this event you will gain 3 ‘continuing education credits’.

The number of places at this event are limited so book now….

Do you have a desire to have excellent results continuously then grab this opportunity to experience what NLP can do to help you:

  • Thecommunication model that allows you to communicate excellently
  • Modellingexcellence – if someone has done it, so can you and so can your clients
  • Thebody mind connection and beliefs – the power behind yours and your clientsperformance
  • Thepower of language and why what you say as a personal trainer should bedeliberate and well thought out
  • Advancedrapport techniques that build trust immediately and inspire your client toperform
  • Understandingyour clients learning style and communicating in a variety of styles thatkeep you ‘on the same wave length’ as your client – enhancing therelationship
  • Understandinghow you and your client are motivated and using the information to keepmotivation high
  • Understandinghow goals can be set to maintain motivation while others will result in ashort-lived motivation
  • Lettinggo of limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hold you and yourclients back – techniques that will change your life


So how do you get to experience this limited availability seminar – Register Now 



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