"Self Matters for Your Impact" Women's Conference


"My self-esteem was like beauty and anyone who held me, redesigned it. There is only one true artist of me, God. God always recognized me even when I could not find myself. So I sought my maker and was completed. I am ...

purely honest. kindly blunt. completely certain.
uncommonly focused. very thankful. nicely shaped.
highly favored. passionately loved." excerpt by Ayesha Quanette (A.Q.U.A.)  


              "Self Matters for Your Impact" is an interactive empowerment conference for women.

                Topics include good self-esteem, purity for the single woman, career advancement,   

                and goal setting with relative and clear biblical references.


  •   To address habits and behaviors that build good self-esteem in women
  •   To equip you with information to assert yourself, even after mental and verbal abuse
  •   To help you discover how you can impact others around, inspite of job loss and recession
  •   To challenge unhealthy behaviors that destroy good self-esteem in women
  •   To offer you inspiration through poetry and interactive sessions
  •   To empower you to be value your bodies, your sanity, your ideas, and your impact on others

        WHO IS INVITED?    

                 Ladies 13 & UP


                 Poet, artist, and visionary Ayesha Quanette (A.Q.U.A.) was born in Wayne County. North

                 Carolina. During her sophomore year at UNC-Chapel Hill, she discovered her voice

                 through spoken word poetry; breaking out of the shyness that hindered her from sharing

                 on topics like self-awareness, relationships, and life's lessons.

        WHAT TO BRING?

                 1) Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to relax.

                 2) Be prepared to interact with others. Today is a great day to break out of your bashfulness.

                 3) Be prepared to laugh or cry, but all in fun!

Warning: This is a non-traditional conference and is intensely emotional. You may even get a little messy during the hands art session  and become so relaxed that you'll leave forgetting your worries. When you return home, to work, and to your friends, no one may be able to recognize your confidence. The only thing I guarantee is that you'll leave in peace, but this is not a money-back guarantee.

CONTACT: 252-367-0287 OR EMAIL: bookings@ayeworks.com


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WHAT? "Self Matters for Your Impact" is an interactive empowerment seminar for women. Topics include good self ...