"The production is entitled, "Seeds" and it's themed around the fact that as parents, adults and role models we all bare the responsibility of providing our children (or seeds as they are often referred to as) with a foundation upon which to build their lives. This foundation, whether we realize it or not, is constructed of the verbal and non verbal communication (our words as well as our actions) we expose our children to from birth and on continual basis thereafter. What's more, this foundation is also composed of the words and actions we do NOT expose our children to throughout this time as well. Thus, what our children see and hear at very young and impressionable ages, as well as what they remain ignorant to at this time, ultimately helps shape and guide the person they will eventually become, for better or worse. As these seeds (our children) begin to grow and mature, their foundation (or the seeds that were planted in them) begin to manifest themselves in their daily actions, decision making abilities, and also their level of faith. This theatrical production aims to display the good, the bad, and the ugly of these manifestations through the story of several young, minority, inner city youth (and a couple grown folks) that are trying to either survive the streets, revive the streets, or eliminate them altogether.

"Seeds" is sure to be a very powerful, dynamic and uplifting piece that all those in attendance can appreciate; whether it be a 75 year old Grandmother, or a 15 year old youth struggling to find their way."

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