O'Reilly Workshop: Build, Compile, and Run Your iPhone App in 2 Days

What will I learn?

  • Build an iPhone application, compile it, and get it onto a device
  • Debug common problems and use the development environment
  • Scan iPhone’s documentation for pieces you want to use in your application
  • Get familiar with the tools for developing on the iPhone
  • Find the confidence to start a simple project and take it to completion
  • Learn where to get more information about iPhone development 

About this class

Learn to build mobile applications for today’s most popular platform: Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. In this dynamic two-day workshop, you’ll get up to speed on the basics, including the Cocoa programming environment, Xcode suite of tools, the Objective-C language, and Instruments, a tool to help debug your applications. And then you’ll create, not one, but two iPhone applications.

All you need is familiarity with the Mac, basic experience with object-oriented programming (such as Java or Visual Studio), and an understanding of pointers and C syntax. Instructor and knowledgeable iPhone app developer Joe Heck will quickly teach you the rest. What you’ll take away from this workshop is the knowledge to build effective iPhone apps with the same tools Apple uses.

What should I bring with me?

  • An Intel Macintosh laptop computer
  • An iPhone or iPod Touch, if you have one (optional)
  • Basic programming knowledge, including object-oriented programming experience, such as Java or Visual Studio
  • An understanding of pointers and C syntax
  • Familiarity with the Mac
  • XCode and the iPhone SDK installed on your Macintosh laptop

Who should attend?

  • Experienced programmers interested in iPhone application development
  • People new to Mac development and iPhone development


Joe Heck is a software developer, technology manager, author, and instructor who’s been involved with computing for 25 years, and developing for the iPhone platform since the first beta release.  Employed at the Walt Disney Interactive Media Group, Joe is involved in various technologies and development platforms, and assisted the development team for Disney’s iPhone game “Fairies Fly".  He’s the founder of the Seattle Xcoders developer group, which supports Macintosh and iPhone development in the Seattle area, and the author of "SeattleBus," an iPhone app that provides real-time arrival and departure times of Seattle public transportation (available at the iPhone App Store).


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More Information

  • Visit training.oreilly.com for updates and more details.

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Registration (ends September 19th) Ended $1200
Group Registration Discount (register 3+ attendees)   Ended $900

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