Script Doctor Clinics Nov/Dec 2004

Exclusively for 3 Scripts Graduates:A script doctoring clinic for those want personal guidance from two script doctors and a team of 9 others who graduated from the 3 Scripts class.This is a 2.5 hour clinic run by two experienced script doctors certified by Kim Klaver. Only the first 8 3-Scripts grads can get in to a clinic. There are 6 Clinics to choose from. PICK ONE below.Each participant sends in and has ready to read aloud the script they've worked up from the class and the "If My Product..." book, presents it, and then everyone helps the person make it the best consumer script possible. At the end of each session, ALL MEMBERS get copies of all the scripts created. Each person gets 15-20 minutes complete attention from the script doctors and members of the class. All scripts created using class and pp 64-173 of the "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?" book.As soon as we receive your sign-up notification, we'll send you the info on where to send your script, and clinic phone #.This clinic is for those who want their own script doctored by a team. And those who realize that helping others with their script makes them way better script doctors.FIRST 8 ONLY in each clinic. 6 CLINICS - Choose the one you want at the very bottom left of this page. Choices are:MON 11.29.04 5:00PM PT 6:00PM MT 7:00PM CT 8:00PM ETTUES 11.30.04 11:30AM PT 12:30PM MT 1:30PM CT 2:30PM ETTUES 12.07.04 11:30AM PT 12:30PM MT 1:30PM CT 2:30PM ETTHU 12.09.04 5:00PM PT 6:00PM MT 7:00PM CT 8:00PM ETTUES 12.14.04 11:30AM PT 12:30PM MT 1:30PM CT 2:30PM ETTHU 12.16.04 5:00PM PT 6:00PM MT 7:00PM CT 8:00PM ETEach clinic runs 2.5 hoursThe button is at the lower left of this page. NOTE: On one part of your email confirmation, the dates and times may show all these dates, but you are signed up for only one, which you will see on another part of your registration and your Pay Pal receipt. SELECT THE ONE YOU WANT AND MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. We will know which one it is. And so will you.OK?Kim -- Kim Klaver AKA Ms.Stud http://www.WhoWho911.comNOTE! 1. Your email confirming the phone number AND the homework assignment will come from either or so make sure your email is set to receive mail from us. 2. The times of the class are what is stated HERE. So PRINT THIS OUT for your reference.

Name Sales End Price
MON 11.29.04 5PM PT Big Planet (Artemis group) Ended $45
TUE 11.30 11:30AM PT Big Planet (Artemis group) Ended $45
TUE 12.07.04 11:30AM PT Ended $45
THU 12.09.04 5PM PT Ended $45
12.14.04 11:30AM PT Ended $45
12.16.04 5PM PT Ended $45

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