WorkSpace B3 - Scalability Workshop

Announcing the WorkSpace B3 series designed to help you Build a Better Business -- Presented by WorkSpace Cafe and MindHeap Technology. This October we present the first sessions in both our business and technology tracks hosted at the WorkSpace Cafe on the Gastown waterfront in Vancouver, BC.

From the WorkSpace B3 October Technical Track:

WorkSpace B3 Scalability Workshop

Many companies tackle scalability and performance when it is already too late to avoid embarrassingly bad performance or damaging downtime. Both should instead be part of your process from day one.

It is important to focus on the right level of performance and scalability at each stage of your application's lifetime.

The WorkSpace B3 Scalability Workshop is divided into three sections:

  1. Broad coverage of performance vs. scalability and their point and purpose within your development life cycle.
  2. A detailed look at patterns and anti-patterns for scalable and performant systems; covering some of the biggest factors on both sides of that coin.
  3. Third, a review of use cases modeled after real-life situations and problems from some of the biggest companies on the web.

It is essential that development teams stop placing performance and scalability as an after-thought, or assume that what works at a few records and users works at millions of either. This workshop is both a wake-up call and an informative session leading towards a smarter development model.

Presented by Jayson Minard of MindHeap Technology and WorkSpace Cafe.

Note: To keep the event more interactive, only 12 seats will be sold to the event.

Jayson has a strong background in e-commerce, highly scalable applications, search systems, software development processes and commercial software development. He has developed software ranging from desktop applications through extremely high volume distributed systems.

Jayson currently operates MindHeap Technology, providing technology strategy, architecture, product management and development consulting at high levels in client organizations; from architect through CIO/CTO. He works with clients such as Endeca, Boeing, ProQuest, Zend, AbeBooks, Alibris, JobMagnet and is also the CTO of TinyMassive. Previously, as CIO and CTO of AbeBooks, he rebuilt the IT organization and technology platform and brought AbeBooks to a level playing field with the likes of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and That success has led to a recent acquisition by Amazon.

Jayson works across PHP, Java, Ruby and .NET platforms balancing his time and experiences to stay strong in each. In fact in the PHP world he created the Zend DevZone community site and was the founding Editor-in-Chief, created the strategy for ZendCon, and led the Zend Framework open-source project. He contributed to the Java platform as the Chief Architect for the Java Business Unit at Borland creating JBuilder and shaping early Java specifications. Jayson also has experience with most major database platforms, enterprise technology and grid computing.

He has been in software development for over 20 years.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Early-Bird Special   Ended $600 $9.95
WorkSpace Member   Ended $650 $9.95
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Standard Pricing   Ended $750 $9.95

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