SANDIOS - March RoundTable

Roundtable led by Bert Gillespie, Director of Sales at Qualcomm

Bert1. Dealing with an 800 lb gorilla…Friend or Foe

  • What are the opportunities in leveraging a large corporate structure?
  • What are the pitfalls or reasons to stay clear?
  • If you feel it can advance your business, how does one navigate through a large corporation structures?

Roundtable discussion: Each participant takes a turn at sharing their own experience in dealing with or working within a large corporations. Was it a good experience?  Bad?  If so why?

Moderator: Will share lessons learned of small to medium companies that have approached Qualcomm and failed and those that have succeeded. Offering tip, tricks and suggestions

2. Direct Sales vs. Indirect Channels…can’t we just get along?

  • What are the benefits in direct channels and when do you use them?
  • When are indirect channels a good strategy for getting your product or service to market?
  • Can they co-exist? What compensation structures apply?  What motivates a channel besides money?
  • Is social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, et.) a channel? How can I leverage them as well and traditional channels?

Roundtable discussion: Each participant share their thoughts or experiences on using or being a part of a channel:

 Did you sell a service any or product through a channel?

- Did it generate sales?  Did it bomb?  Why and what would you do differently?

Moderator: Will outline the different channel models and get discussion around the pros and cons of the models. Suggestions on what was learned from 10 years at Apple doing channels and Qualcomm



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