Making Friends with the Saboteur: turning "enemies" into assets

See that guy in the picture up there on the right?
See all those wrenches behind him?
Do you think he's using them for creation or destruction?

So, how often do you feel as though you have thrown a wrench into your own works?
And when your work doesn't go as you'd like it to, how many thoughts like these do you have?

Why am I not doing more? There must be something wrong with me.
I feel like I've let myself down again and again.
My inner critic always makes sure I don't finish projects — or even start.
I always sabotage myself just when things are getting good.
It seems like I always procrastinate doing what I really want.

You may have never considered this, but why is your inner saboteur so powerful? Because it knows you better than you know yourself. It knows exactly where to jam the wrench into the works to get exactly the effect it wants.

You have probably accepted that some aspects of yourself will always work against you, but what if this wasn't the whole story?

The saboteur archetype, like all archetypes, has a light side and a shadow side; it's up to you whether it uses its knowledge to serve you or hinder your efforts. If you listen to what it has to say and what it has to offer without judgement you will find that it only wants to help in some way and needs updated instructions — but how do you manage that?

In this one day workshop, you will:
    •    uncover the reasons why you derail or postpone your projects
    •    listen to what your inner saboteur has to teach you about yourself
    •    cultivate respect and compassion for the parts of you that you have been fighting
    •    release the creative energy that has been tied up in maintaining the conflict
    •    explore ways of letting go of self-defeating behaviors

You will leave with a shift in your sense of self, and powerful imagery to work with. Lasting effects from this workshop include:
    •    new beliefs about yourself and your creativity
    •    a new relationship with your own sabotaging behavior
    •    more flexibility in dealing with setbacks 
    •    an increased sense of humor and compassion about your own worth

We will do a combination of movement, guided visualization, discussion and art practices. This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of profession, vocation, ability or experience.

The next Saboteur workshop is Saturday August 29, 10am–6pm.
We will have a break for lunch in the middle of the day. You can bring lunch or eat at restaurants in the area. Please bring water and any snacks you need for yourself, a notebook or journal, and anything you need to lie comfortably on the floor (such as a blanket or two).

Celebration Center
4530 18th Street
5 blocks West of Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

Street parking is available, and the area is well-served by public transportation (SF MUNI).

The fee is $40-100 sliding scale, including materials.
Register early and save $10!

As creative beings, we tend to suffer in silence. We take it as a reflection of our worth when our process or product isn't absolutely stellar, and why would we want to share that? Join our group as we hold the space for our whole selves to expand, be heard and be seen.

Wait! Even if you can't make it this time, here some ways to play along at home:

  1. Consider this: Is self-sabotoage actually a bad thing? Here's my take on it.

  2. When has "self-sabotage" actually paid off for you? Tell me your stories! Send it to me in a video response or a comment about the video above.

  3. Join our group here to get announcements about future workshops and other events. See you in the future!


Name Sales End Price
Standard ($40-100) Ended Free
Early Registration ($30-90)   Ended Free

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