Collaboration Series Teleseminar: Computers in Your Business-Three actions you MUST take to protect your resources!

A dear friend once advised me, "How much will you cry if all of your data on your laptop is lost?"  And More importantly, "How much will it cost to replicate all of the data?  Not the laptop itself, but the data stored within?"

It's a question business owners ignore frequently.  And when failure happens, much crying ensues.  You can protect yourself easily with only small preventative measures.

Jessica Chapman, Chief Seed Planter from Room To Breathe Professional Organizers will be interviewing Michael Nelson of TLC Tech in this one hour teleseminar.

In this information-packed presentation, you will learn

  • Available types of back-up and how they work
  • Virus protection: what's on the horizon and how to protect against it
  • Upgrading your computer operating system - the truth of what's out there.

Michael Nelson, CEO
Michaelis the face of TLC Tech, marketing the company and workingclosely with all his clients. With over 15 years of technologytraining and management, Michael has developed the gift ofexplaining computers and technology in a way they will understand – byspeaking human. Prior to starting TLC Tech, Michael taughttechnology in Elk Grove before opening his own web designfirm, Sac Web, in 1995. Today, he works extensively with majorbusinesses and individuals, helping them solve their computer-relatedconcerns.


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