Business and Financial Mastery

Business & Financial Mastery using the tools and techniques of Dr John F. Demartini


This event is a full day focusing on learning the tools and techniques used and taught by Dr John F. Demartini.

THIS DAY IS BEING RUN AS A NOT-FOR-PROFIT DAY. At the wishes of the event organiser and speaker, all proceeds from this day will be donated to the funding of pancreatitis research. Please donate as generously as you are able to in supporting this cause.

Dr. John F. Demartini is the CEO of DEMARTINI SEMINARS, an international speaking and consulting service. His business clients range from Wall Street financiers, financial planners and CEOs to healthcare professionals, actors and sports personalities. His inspiring and informative presentations combine entertaining real life stories with transformational wisdom and insights. A former honours student, he has dedicated 36 years of research to the principles of maximizing human potential and the well being of individuals and organizations.

Dr. Demartini began offering his savvy business consulting services after building one of the largest independent holistic and preventive healthcare facilities in Texas. Because his peers quickly recognized his talent for inspiring others and leading them to greater levels of efficient and effective operation, he began to share his insights and methods with thousands of his follow practitioners on platforms across North America. Soon other industries were requesting his inspirational speaking talents and his personal, professional and business consulting services. These services are now provided to professionals and executives in over 50 countries.

Dr. Demartini has been a guest on over 1200 radio and television talk shows. His work has been mentioned in over 150 books, including Marketing Your Clinical Practice, Power Networking and The Success Principles. His audio and DVD programs, including Power Principles of Achievement in Business , Business Mastery, Putting the Soul Back into the Corporate Body and The Nature of Business have helped thousands of corporate leaders and healthcare organizations reach greater levels of fulfilment and fortune.

Dr. Demartini has shared the stage with such noted speakers as Bill Strickland, Stephen Covey, Dr. Donald Beck, Dennis Waitly, Dr. Patricia Aburdene, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Premier Robert Carr, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Nathaniel Branden, Dr. Patch Adams, Andrew Weiss and many others.

Dr. Demartini's corporate client list includes:


Assante Financial Corporations



Shell Oil Company


Oppenheimer Funds

Corporate Vision


Hearthstone Home Builders






Haytt Resorts and Hotels

Enterprise Bank

Health & Fitness




The day is divided into two sections as below:


Business Mastery - The Human Quest for Vocational Service & Success

  • How to ensure you and all your staff are inspired by your business
  • How to make your vocation your vacation
  • Dissolving Fears and Guilts
  • Problem Solving
  • Creating your business vision from a true state of inspiration
  • Mission Statements
  • Defining your business
  • Marketing yourself
  • Balancing Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Organisation charts, roles & responsibilities
  • Distraction Resolution and Focusing on Priorities
  • Goals - short, medium and long term - and how to set them so they are just at the right level of challenge and support; not too easy, and not unrealistic either
  • The Ultimate Business Employee Motivation, Productivity and Loyalty Techniques
  • Hiring and Firing; Employee Reviews
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Generating New Business and Sales
  • Maximising The Growth of Your Business
  • Maximising Your Leadership
  • Maximise Your Products
  • Maximise Your Marketing
  • Maximise Your Selling

Financial Mastery - The Human Quest for Financial Freedom & Wealth

  • Definition of a financial master
  • Dissolving Fears and Guilts regarding Financial Wealth
  • Altruism, Narcissism and Fair Exchange - how to identify where you sit mentally and psychologically
  • Learn how to identify and shift your hierarchy of values
  • How to subconsciously shift your values to dramatically enhance your likelihood of obtaining financial mastery
  • How to eliminate volatility and emotions from influencing your investment decisions
  • Techniques that you can implement immediately to start building your fortune
  • John Demartini's personal, step by step formula of what to do with your money so that your money works for you in the most optimal and efficient manner, while minimising investment risk. You will be able to implement this same strategy the very next day yourself and allow it to run on autopilot while you continue focusing your time and effort on your business. In time, the passive income you will earn from this strategy should exceed the income you make from your business. Please note this is not investment advice or providing "tips" - it is a tried and tested method of saving and investing that has been used by the ultra wealthy individuals and countries for the past two thousand years.

About the Speaker

Randeesh Sandhu is a successful entrepreneur, investor, author, mentor and public speaker who's primary passions in life are business, property investment and inspiring others.

Born in Leeds, England, Randeesh graduated from Warwick University with a Degree in Mathematics & Statistics. He embarked on a career in actuarial, fund management and investment banking before co-founding the real estate investment company Urban Exposure Ltd in 2002 (see .

In 2007 Randeesh was suddenly struck with a near fatal illness. Diagnosed with severe, acute, necrotising pancreatitis, his chances of survival were at one stage less than 20%. Only after several months of hospitalisation and intensive medical monitoring and treatment, together with equally constant love, care and attention from his wife and family, did Randeesh finally begin the slow road to recovery.

It was following this experience that Randeesh decided to dedicate his "second chance" in life to devoting his time and energy to studying the laws of the universe, and in particular how we as humans can apply these laws to help us maximise our own potential. Randeesh teaches his work through public speaking engagements, mentoring and writing.

Central to Randeesh's philosophy is a belief that every person has unique abilities and strength and the capacity to learn and transform, which when realised and harnessed can lead to fulfillment and evolution in both their own lives and the lives of others. "If you're not growing, you're dying - there is no such thing as standing still in this universe."

Today Randeesh's property business, Urban Exposure, is a global investment and development company with offices in four different countries and development turnover in excess of $500 million. Outside of Urban Exposure, Randeesh spends his time consulting and advising both individuals and business on how to fulfill their maximum potential. Randeesh is an advisor to, and on the Board of, a number of different companies. He also guest lectures at schools, colleges and universities in his desire to inspire children and young adults to acquire essential life and leadership skills.

Randeesh's first book, 'The Meaningful Life', was published in 2009 and is today already being used by numerous individuals around the globe to help them identify their life purpose, achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives, and pursue their goals in the most optimal and efficient manner.

A qualified peak performance coach, Randeesh became a practitioner of The Demartini MethodTM after first learning and utilising the method to help himself recover from his illness.

Randeesh lives in Knightsbridge, London, with his wife Daljit. 



Name Sales End Price Fee
Business and Financial Mastery Ended £150 £3.75

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