About Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton is a world-renowned speaker in wealth creation, best selling author, and founder of The XL Group, the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs, educators and leaders.

Roger and the XL Group are driven by the concept of World Wide Wealth: empowering social enterprise and global change by increasing our collective ability to create and contribute wealth.

In the past 12 months, Roger has spoken in front of over 30,000 entrepreneurs and professionals in 15 countries.

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Former US President Bill Clinton has invited Roger Hamilton to Hong Kong for the Clinton Global Initiative in Dec 2008, because Roger has:

  Inspired more than 50,000 individuals worldwide

  Attracted more than 4,000 highly successful leaders to end world poverty by year 2020

  Helped over 15 million people in India through the Hunger Project


What would you do if

There were oil shortages, unpopular wars, dishonest politics and environmental meltdowns? The US dollar had lost its strength, the media was in a frenzy, and many people were scared that there wouldn't be enough to go around?


We're not talking about 2008. All of this happened in the 1970's.  While most people focused on problems, others focused on how they could change the world. 


Virgin, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and many other startups at least doubled their revenue and profits every single year during that period. 


So today, if you are:

          Worried about the inevitable economic slowdown, or 

          Saddened by the financial market, or 

          Concerned about your business or job


Change your outlook!  Come and listen to Roger Hamilton. These 3 power packed hours can inspire you, excite you and make you hopeful about the real possibilities for positive change in our world! Allow yourself to focus on opportunities to grow your business, and be amazed at the extraordinary life that awaits you as a result.


Here's what people are saying about Roger Hamilton....


"He has stunning, fresh insights into wealth that I'd just never come across before, anywhere. I got incredible value and I learned SO much. And so will you!"  Mark Victor Hansen Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"


"Roger's presence in any room, in any country, filled with people from all walks of life, illuminates the room the moment he appears and begins sharing. Roger's extremely meaningful and vital donation to SoulTalk Charity enabled us to open the first Loving Home for Women in crisis in Hong Kong. Roger, you are amazing!"  Andrea Gutwirth Founder of SoulTalk, Hong Kong


Some sit and watch Entrepreneurs press forward!

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