Rockstar Platinum - Vegas Marketing Event

We Have Convinced 10 12+ of the World's Top Experts to Show YOU EXACTLY…

How to Create a Kick-Butt, Take No Prisoners, “Do it Once, Get Paid Forever” Rockstar Business Lifestyle That Enables You to Have More Money and More Leisure Time Than You Ever Imagined!

On March 27th, 28th, and 29th, in Las Vegas (the city of Rockstars!) we've gathered an all-star Crew of Rockstar Marketers to share their specific strategies that will transform your business into a hands-off, self perpetuating machine that will afford you the Rockstar lifestyle that you desire!

What makes this show different from all
the other marketing events out there?
(Besides our ROCKSTAR Line-up?)

That's a fantastic question. You see, there is really nothing wrong with all the other events that you've been to, or the ones you will be attending in the future.

You can learn new information and strategies from many different sources.

However, Rockstar Platinum Live is dedicated to Learning, Lifestyle, and Legacy.

As you see, we got the Learning part covered,
so let's talk about Lifestyle and Legacy...

We've designed this show around the Rockstar lifestyle, so here's the dealio...

rockstar bullet You get to sleep in! Every day we start at 10am. We'll go until about 6 or 7pm, or whenever the nightly activity starts.
rockstar bullet You get to have fun! Each day we'll have activities and craziness throughout the day. Who says learning has to be boring?
rockstar bullet You get to party! Each night, we'll have Karaoke or Rock Band contests! Come see your favorite performer LIVE on stage singing your favorite songs or shredding guitar! Even SING WITH THEM!
rockstar bullet You get free stuff! Every day, we'll have prize drawings. And depending on the seating you choose, you arrive with either 10 or 50 tickets - that means PLENTY of chances to WIN big and small prizes!

All-Star Line-Up of Speakers:

Here’s twelve of the reasons you are going to want to be in Vegas.
Let me tell you about the incredible lineup of Rockstar speakers... and “meat” we’ve packed into the Rockstar Platinum Marketing Show!


simon leung lee collins robin collins

Simon Leung is one of the original Marketing Rock Stars and great minds behind the Google AdWords program.

You will get real insight to how you can conquer not only AdWords, but Google Marketing in general, while saving on every click, driving more targeted traffic to your site for less and even dominating Google's search results by giving Google exactly what they want.

Learn how to save money on your AdWords campaigns so you can indulge in your favorite pastime like a true rocker.

Lee Collins & Robin Collins know simplicity is the name of the game. Do ONE thing, do it well, and you will reap massive rewards for YEARS to come!

Think about the rock band AC/DC, they use the same chords over and over – yet they have been hugely successful by rocking those chords in an amazing way. They rock those chords better than anyone else.

Well, Lee & Robin have been practicing Hybrid Marketing for YEARS and they know how to integrate online and offline better than anyone.They will bring you their best time-proven and profit-certain advanced online AND offline marketing strategies that enable you to generate whatever level of success (and income) you want.

Now, let's meet our Rockstar Platinum Performers:


lee collins robin collins

Our New Media RockStar was mentored by Top World Leaders in business and personal achievement, which empowers Deborah to deliver dynamic, interactive coaching that will help you to generate measurable results for your business, in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it on your own.

Deborah’s firsthand experience translates into slashing YEARS off of your learning curve to take hold of the newest social media platforms exposed! She’ll share how you can tap into the power of Web 2.0 to drive swarms of quality traffic to your sales pages... for FREE!


lee collins robin collins

In a recent survey, Affiliate Classroom students reported an average increase in business of over 11%. More than half reported an increase of over 23%, while 10% reported an increase of over 40%! Can YOU say the same for your affiliate marketing efforts?

Anik Singal is the CEO of Affiliate Classroom, and started off as an internet marketer and an affiliate himself in 2001. Our Pay Per Click RockStar then began consulting companies on online marketing and soon after discovered a need for more focus on working with affiliates and helping them take their business to the next level.

Anik will sharethe exact PPC formula that easily allows even newbie Internet Marketers to create rapid, enormous, and multiple profit breakthroughs... regardless of what you're selling...Rock On!

joel comm

Dave Lakhani, the Persuasion RockStar, has been described as a "Marketing Genius", "Business Acceleration Strategist" and "Multipreneur" by his peers and by national media. He has been responsible for developing dynamic strategies driving record breaking growth and increases in sales in more than 500 businesses in the past 10 years.

Dave is an in-demand speaker, author and trainer, whose ideas have been applied by some of the biggest companies in the United States including IBM, US Army, Rogers Media, Micron, GE, Wizard Academy and many more.

Our Persuasion Rockstar will share how you can grow your business faster and more profitably, build deeper customer relationships, close more sales, and cement your position with your clients. You have got to understand these super ninja techniques if you really want to be a RockStar.


kevin nations

Convince that trying to sell a million copies of your $10 e-book is THE key to a RockStar Marketing strategy? WRONG!

Our Big Ticket RockStar will share exactly how to sell fewer, Big Ticket items, make MORE MONEY, so you can then go off and enjoy more well earned vacations!

Kevin Nations (a.k.a, Big Ticket RockStar and the Six Figure Sales Coach) helps sales professionals and small business owners develop multiple Six Figure income streams within their business by leveraging the massive power of higher ticket products and services.

Kevin's work has been featured in "Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days" by Jay Conrad Levinson, "Bull Market" by Seth Godin.


matt bacak

Matt Bacak is a Promotional and Biz Startup RockStar. Using his stealth marketing techniques he has become a Best Selling author, with a huge fan base of over 300k people and has built multi-million dollar companies.

Because, he has been internet marketer for over 8 years now, his techniques and strategies are widely used across the internet. Matt has taught many of the "Who's Who" of internet marketing and that's why we have him here to teach you, too!

Our Promotional and Biz Startup RockStar will share the secret to setting up profitable and auto-pilot business systems that make you money, even while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or hanging out with the family...


tom beal

Tom Beal is an undercover marketing RockStar. As VP for Mike Filsaime the past three years has produced millions in results with some of the most well known and orchestrated product launches in the IM world.

Tom rarely speaks at live IM events and we pulled him in as a favor to you as he'll be sharing immediate action steps you can take to get your results to the next level.

Listen to our undercover Operations RockStar to discover what Rockstar Marketers call the "perfect profit model" where you offer 100% of the front-end profits to your customers in exchange for 100% of the backend month after month!


alan bechtold

Alan R. Bechtold is the original Publishing Rockstar and has been publishing and marketing electronically for more than 23 years. Alan has been “online” since before the - well, the Internet. But how could that be?

It’s simple, really. Alan started with online BBS systems – you know - dial-up computer bulletin boards that predated the Web by more than ten years..He’s been setting trends and tapping new technologies ever since and is popular on the Internet Marketing speaker’s circuit. He’s one of the few people out there who can honestly make that claim His areas of expertise revolve around electronic publishing world and the marketing around it.

Our Publishing RockStar will share the 3 simple steps to for turning any hobby or passion into a cash producing information publishing business!


ross goldberg

Ross is the only person we know that can claim earning his first $1,000 online from a coma.  Yep, you heard that right…while in a freakin coma!

In just 3 years Ross has developed 2 separate 6 figure businesses online and can show you how you can do the same.  Ross is an expert at finding new customers and attracting them straight to your business.
Through discovering traffic generation systems, you're going to find out how you can compound your results, meet more people and get a lot more sales. After learning from Ross Goldberg, you will have a plan you can implement to dominate your niche through all media!

Our Social Traffic RockStar will share with you the step-by-step advice that you can use to start your very own Internet business in as little as 48 hours! PLUS - discover 1,000's of FREE and dirt-cheap sources of traffic for your web site!

mike morgan

Mike Morgan is a word slingin' online copywriter, Father of 4, Cyclist, Skiier, Husband, International Speaker, Coach and Consutant with a wicked sense of humor!

Not only has he written million dollar generating sales copy, he was handpicked by the one and only Mark Joyner as his personal copy writing RockStar.

And now, our Copywriting RockStar will share THE Rockstar definition of copywriting, which can double the your results, as compared to the outdated definition everyone else has been teaching. Hint – It goes way beyond infusing Sweet Emotion into your words...


erik stafford

Erik comes from an advertising and design background and has won numerous awards over the past fifteen years, including several Gold and Silver AAF-ADDY Awards.

In 2006 Erik formed Stafford Marketing, LLC and in early 2007 he launched his first online product. One month later he quit his job, and he now enjoys the rockstar lifestyle that eluded him for so many years.

Erik Stafford will show you how you can create ass-kicking, face-melting online and offline advertising... The type of stuff that permanently tattoos your message right into the brains of your customers.


scott stratten

Scott Stratten is the President of Rock at If Viral Marketing was a rock band, he would be the lead singer.

His online viral movies have been seen over 60 million times and has generated massive profits and lists for himself and his clients. He was recently named the "Most Influential Person on Twitter" a social networking site with an estimated 4 million people. His combination of viral and social media success has given him insights into the online world that he will share with you!

Paul Colligan is one of the few people Google has asked to teach them about new media and as a microsoft digital media mvp he will help you leverage the technologies of new media to get your message out to more people, with less effort, and for greater profit.

As a Podcasting Rockstar, Paul produces a number of Podcasts that include Internet Marketing This Week, Marketing Online Live, Paul’s Profitable Podcasting Podcast, Electronic Marketing Interviews, and Internet Marketing This Week and he will share with you the insider tips and tricks of how to leverage these new media techniques to take your business to all new levels.


David helps you double your sales by automating your marketing, sales, and customer relationships so your entire business runs like a well-oiled machine (and you can relax)!

As a Business Automation Rockstar, David will show you how his exclusive technology will fix your follow-up failure and helps you live the Rockstar lifestyle while your business runs automatically and you enjoy whatever makes your life rock!

Did we mention his company guarantees you will double your sales? Isn't it time to automate yourself?

Now That You Know What To Expect
Here’s How To Lock In Your Slot

Rockstar Platinum Live happens March 27, 28, 29 in Las Vegas. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, it rocks in March (or any time of year).

Your investment for the Rockstar Platinum Live Show includes the event, a "Rockstar Lifestyle Guide", and all of the bonuses I’ve told you about. Plus “Hotseats” and as many personal consultations as we can possibly fit in!

We're sure you’ll agree that’s a ton of value for what you’re paying. Especially considering that most sales and marketing seminars these days can cost $3000, $5000 and up.

But the actual value you get is almost impossible to calculate. What’s it worth to you (in both profits and peace of mind) to know with dead certainty that you’ll be able to create a business that produces profits far beyond your most optimistic expectations?

Can you even begin to measure the value?

  • Is it worth a second home – a getaway at the beach or in the mountains?
  • Or worth having the necessary funds to actually buy out your fiercest competitor?
  • Or fully fund your children’s college education?
  • Or realize any other dream or financial goal you may have set for yourself?

The fee for a Backstage Pass for this Event is just $797.00, but you won’t have to pay this when you register before the Marketing Event!

In Order To Make Saying “Yes” Even Easier For You,
We’ve Got FOUR Absolutely Irresistible Offers For You:

1. Irresistible Offer #1: Save BIG “Early Bird” Discount! $300 OFF! (Limit 50)

We’re holding the Premiere Rockstar Marketing Business/Lifestyle EVent on March 27, 28, 29 in Vegas. We're going to let you advance-register for a Backstage Pass right now for a $300 discount, that’s just $497. BUT, only if you register before the event AND only if you are one of the first 50 people to register for a Backstage Pass!

2. Irresistible Offer #2: Discount Floor Seating! (Limit 200)

Even though with Floor Seating you’re going to miss out on the FREE breakfast, you won’t be able to attend any of the VIP Lunches for FREE, and you won't get to attend the Private Parties - but hey, we know money is tight for some of you so we’ll give you regular Floor Seating and General Admittance for just $97 because we don’t want you or anyone to miss out on Rockstar Platinum Live!

And your spouse and/or key employee (proof may be required), can join you for the same price, no matter which option you choose. (This, along with your travel, lodging, meals, the works should be 100% tax deductible. We're not your accountant, so run it by your accountant first to be sure, and keep track of every penny.)

3. Irresistable Offer #3: "Biggest Winner Wins BIG" Award

Rockstar Platinum is about the Rockstar Lifestyle. We truly want YOU to succeed, so the paid attendee who tracks, reports, and proves the greatest improvement in his or her business income in the six months following Rockstar Platinum Live will return to the next Show for free, all travel expenses paid and will receive a $1,000.00 cash prize!

This COULD be you. Why not? You owe it to yourself to at least try! (Four runners up will also receive a $200.00 prize.)

4. Irresistable Offer #4: "Our Experts Will Rock Your World" Guarantee

C'mon, daddy didn’t raise no dummy. There are just too many ways you can screw yourself up, completely outside of our control, for us to guarantee results. But we will offer you an incredibly generous guarantee, even a bold and daring guarantee:

Participate in the entire first day – right up to 7:00 PM. If you are not then absolutely convinced that what our experts are teaching you can put at least $10,000 in your pocket over the next 12 months, just ask one of us or one of our staff members for a refund, turn in your materials, and you can leave. But we will not just refund your tuition... we will also give you a reimbursement of up to $250.00 for your travel expenses (based on your documented receipts for airfare, car rental and/or lodging).

That’s right: Your refund PLUS UP TO $250.00 EXTRA, right out of our pocket!


YES! I want to unleash my inner Rockstar in Vegas this March 27-29, 2009 With Simon, Robin, and Lee PLUS all the Rockstar Performers!
Count me in, baby!

You have 3 options, so BE SURE to choose
the option below that works best for YOU!


OPTION #1: Full Access Backstage Pass
*Best Value - includes breakfast and lunch all 3 days plus a TON of perks and "Success Amplifiers" including one-on-one networking opportunities with our Speakers and VIP Guests!

rockstar platinum backstage pass

I'm reserving my Full Access Backstage Pass right now by purchasing my $797.00 $497.00 Bonus Pak, including:

  • Discounted Room Rates all 3 nights!
  • 50 Raffle Tickets toward the Daily Drawings!
  • My VIP Seat Guaranteed at the Event!
  • Front of line access to Karaoke and Rock Band parties
  • Red carpet/Velvet rope access
  • Exclusive access to private Rockstar Platinum Parties
  • VIP Seating Service during the event
  • Rockstar Lifestyle Guidebook
  • And a Few Surprises to be Revealed at the Show!

And when I reserve my room at the venue, I'll also get:

  • FREE VIP Lunch all 3 days (with Performers & VIPs)
  • FREE Breakfast all 3 days
  • FREE Rockstar VIP Swag Bag (full of goodies!)

But, a Backstage Pass isn't for everyone
so we also have general floor seating...

OPTION #2: General Floor Seating

rockstar platinum floor seating

I'm reserving my Floor Seat right now by purchasing my $97.00 Bonus Pak (limit 200), including:

  • Discounted Room Rates all 3 nights!
  • 10 Raffle Tickets toward the Daily Drawings!
  • My Floor Seat Guaranteed at the Event!
  • Rockstar Lifestyle Guidebook


And if you're hurting, we understand yet
we know ANYBODY can afford just $1.00...

OPTION #3: Deep Discount Pass

So JUST GET HERE and we'll save you a spot for just $1.00!

At this discount price we can't offer you the Bonus Pak or Perks but we don't want ticket price to be an obstacle to your success as a Rockstar Entrepreneur!

Do you remember what President Obama said in his Feb 24th State of the Union? He said "The future of our economy relies on the imagination of our Entrepreneurs.”

This isn't about money for us. It's about giving you a vehicle to create your own Rockstar Business with the help of 12 of the most influential marketing rockstar on the planet your chances of success are beyond measure!

And you can have it all for just $1.00!

See You In Vegas Baby!






Name Sales End Price Fee
VIP Backstage Pass Seating Ended $497 $9.95
General Floor Seating Ticket Ended $97 $2.43
My Pockets are Empty Deep Discount Ticket Ended $1 $0.99

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