The Ripple Effect: Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a modality that gives direct experience of many things that we already Know, but may not ever feel connected to. It ripples through the generations and complexities of your experience, giving grounded and substantial, positive support. It makes real, the things you intuitively know.

For instance... You know that you are playing many roles in your life, but do you actually ever get a chance to really sit outside and watch from an observers point of view? Here is your chance.

Or... You know that your family loves you... but why does it not feel good? or settled? Would you like to feel supported and loved unconditionally? Here is your chance.

Perhaps... You know that there is a secret, a secret or trauma that is interrupting the natural flow of love in your immediate family, yet it seems like its a pattern laid out by generations. You would like to stop it. Here is your chance.

If...You know you need to re-write the script of your life. Here is your chance.

This weekend is not exactly a magic wand, but you gain deep clarity for how to approach the next part of your life from a new vantage point. It is as if you can operate from higher ground and and more stable stage. It is a wonderful tool and you will gain much by letting past be passed and letting it support you. Sustain you.

Letting an unconditional powerful flow of Love stream in and through our lives is always worth it! 

Changing ourselves and perspective and the world changes... for real.. for the better. 

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