Rhino Modeling for Marine Designers

Rhino Modeling for Marine Designers

Description: Here we’ll assume that the student taking this course does not know Rhino at all. We will begin by learning to work with curves, then surfaces, and finally move into fairing a simple chine hull, followed by a simple sailing schooner hull. When you have mastered each of the preceding items, you will move on to a self-directed project of modeling a complete hull/deck/superstructure of your own design.

Note: The demo version of Rhino will get you started, but will likely expire before you have time to complete the course.

The instructor will have online "office hours" to be determined later to maximize contact with students.

Registration for this course is $390. There is no additional processing fee.

Note: This class will run through Jan. 6 to allow for holiday breaks. Student may register until Nov. 18 and still expect to finish all work in time to complete the course. 


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