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FlightDream Interactive Dance-theatre performance

Interactive performance about women's self-sabotage MOs and how to transform them.


FlightDream Shamanic Healing Journey

Body-mind practices to relieve stress, obtain balanced living, nurture soul and discover or cultivate one's Dreamlife Vision and Service Vision. Support in manifesting women's dream. For women only.


FlightDream Live Workshop

Maria Mar guides women through the 16 most common roadblocks to a woman's dream and helps them release their self-sabotage MOs, transforming them into Emotional Streams of Affluence. Practical, hands-on workshop with female wisdom-based tools and knowledge.


You can combine these events in many ways. Choose all the ones you want and we'll talk about it.





as a fundraiser or Royalty-recipient Partnership


Become the protagonist

of your own life adventure.




Through this inspirational novel, PBS-featured author, artist and shaman Maria Mar conveys the principles of the  The Bewomaning Experienceä, a female-wisdom based life solution system for women. Each chapter in the novel is a step in the BE system, taking women from wherever they are towards their empowerment, fulfillment and affluence.

The Bewomaning Inspirational Novel is a powerful Rites of Passage for women and a magical story that inspires, motivates, educates and enchants.




You can also request FlightDream online events for your clients, at a discount to them and 20% commission to you. Read about this events:


Journey to your Dream Manifestation Kit

This digital kit provides the necessary tools to practice or sustain the experience acquired in the FlightDream Shamanic Healing Journey. Includes handbook, audio, cards and Dream Basket Alchemical Formula booklet. Basket format available to presenters or attendees in live events only.


Dream Basket Manifestation Coaching

Artist-shaman Maria Mar guides you through 15-weeks of fun, alchemical transformation and empowerment as you create your Dreamlife Vision, Service Vision and Dream Basket.


FlightDream Ceremonial Guidance

40 day ceremony follow-up coaching

Follow-up guidance to the FlightDream Live Workshop. Choose your Primary Self-sabotage MO and transform it into an Emotional Stream of Affluence with the guidance of artist-shaman Maria Mar. Includes small group setting and individual private guidance.


Hunt Down the Inner Enemies of your Success

Digital Workshop and 8-week Break-through Training

Transformation shaman Maria Mar offers powerful knowledge, tools and practices to hunt down the Inner Enemies of your Success. Understand how you create a Shadow, how to track down the hidden beliefs, Emotional Undertow and limited perceptions that are holding you back or keeping you trapped in the past. Learn how to release these Habit-choices, so that you can live the life you want and manifest your dream.



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Name Price
The Shadow Talk   Free
FlightDream Performance   Free
FlightDream Shamanic Healing Journey   Free
FlightDream Live Workshop   Free
Add the FlightDream Bag to your FlightDream event request   Free
Journey to your Dream Manifestation Kit   Free
Dream Basket Manifestation Coaching   Free
FlightDream Ceremonial Guidance   Free
Hunting Down the Inner Enemies of your Success   Free
FlightDream Digital Workshop   Free
Bewomaning Inspirational Novel   Free

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