"Rendering Greatness" Course

“Rendering Greatness” Course

What does personal transformation entail? Martha has taught many 2-day seminars and in-person events. This live-online semester-long course provides two critical ingredients making real transformation possible. It is long enough to allow for small consistent change so that the techniques of elocution become part of the participant's life. Participants also stay in their own environment among their personal relationships. Any real change will have a lasting effect on core relationships and daily routines. The recorded course structure allows a person to maintain their current schedule and save the time it would take to drive to an in-person event.

This may seem like a difficult schedule to some; in our busy, task-list oriented society we seldom take the opportunity to deeply change or make profound course corrections.

For those that can still not make it work Martha offering a limited number of 2 day seminars at “just-over-cost” pricing. If you feel like your community would like to experience the community transformation aspect of Elocution 360° call or send us an email.

About Elocution:

Thomas Sheridan said, “Before you can persuade a man into any opinion, he must first be convinced that you believe it yourself. This he can never be, unless the tones of voice in which you speak come from the heart, accompanied by corresponding looks, and gestures, which naturally result from a man who speaks in earnest.”  This is the essence of Elocution 360°. We seek to teach people the skills of public and interprative speaking, while adding to it the ability to speak transformationally from their heart in whatever setting, inspiring the people around them who matter most. Elocution 360° exists to help people learn the language inspiration.

As elocution continues to have impact, it will not only help the individual but will also increase the renewal of the family and by extension the community. What does that mean? Elocution 360° teaches you how to create a culture of speaking and performing in your family and community. Elocution, along with the other arts, is a process of becoming, which means that by participating in it you become more than you were previously. We want to see elocution affecting every community.

Course Info:

When: January 12th – April 29th (twice a week for Winter semester)
What: Elocution Course: Transforming the way you render life.
Where: Live-online classes in your home
Who: Housholds or individuals
Cost: $265 before Dec. 12th $295 after
Applicants accepted on a first come basis

“Rendering Greatness” Course Fall 2009 Flyer

Registration Form (see discounts here)

Name Price
Household Early Bird $265
Individual Early Bird $265
Household $295
Individual $295

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