Profiting From The RTP’s Technology Innovation: How To Make Money From New Product Development and New Venture Creation

Part One: Round Table Discussion: The RTP Innovation Process: Who Currently Makes Money and How They Do It?


8:45 – 9:30 AM


Discussion Leader: Dan Loague


Dan is a nationally recognized expert on the innovation process.  Mr. Loague is the Executive Director of the Capital Formation Institute, Inc (CFI). With the CFI Board of Directors and Advisors, all distinguished researchers and practitioners, Mr. Loague is building the CFI9s capability to gather detailed and comprehensive information on the early stage investing process and to make this information readily accessible to the public.


1.     How do existing groups and professions the currently benefit financially from the Process?.

a.       Private Capital Market Participants

b.      Legal professions in IP and business law

c.       Non-profits and Tech Transfer in University

d.      New product development firms


2. How do they find new clients. How do they charge for their services. What criteria do they use to select clients. What are the main competitive forces at work for their services. What needs to be done in the RTP to create a bigger pipeline of clients for morefirms to benefit?


Part Two: What Do Multi National Corporations Seek In Selecting New Technology To Acquire? Understanding the Connect and Develop Profit Model of Big Corporations. Executive Vice President of Large Corporation


10:15 - 10:45


Part Three:    What can the NC Secretary of State do to increase the rate of new product development in metro regions in NC?


NC Sec of State Elaine Marshall (tentative)


10:45 – 11:15


Part Four: Break Out Groups for Structured Networking and Future Steps.


Creation of Coordinating Committees managed and administered by RTP Product Development Guild, Inc.


1.      Professional Service Provider Group

2.      Legal IP Group

3.      Product Design Group

4.      Capital Markets Group

5.      Government agencies coordinating group (State, regional, county, city)

6.   Entrepreneurial Group


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