The MAVERICK Guide to Getting More Referrals

The MAVERICK Guide to Getting More REFERRALS


An extensive workbook designed to help you GET MORE REFERRALS

Inside you'll learn:

  • WHY you're not getting referrals now (& what to do about it)
  • HOW to make it easier for your "fans" to refer you
  • WHERE to go to build new referral networks
  • WHAT a Referral Response System is and why it usually doesn't require cash "thank you's"
  • (And MUCH, MUCH, MORE as the saying goes.)

Pre-order your copy now and get the ENTIRE workbook for only $25.00!


IMAGINE turning on your computer to check your email.  Among the newsletters and spam you see an address you don't recognize.  You click on it and begin reading:

Bob Douglas suggested I get in touch with you.  I'd like to talk with you about working with my company.  We have a budget set aside and are looking to bring someone in next month.  Would you be available to speak with me and my partners sometime in the next few days?

IMAGINE checking your voicemail after a lunch meeting and hearing:

Hi, it's Mary Johnson.  I wanted to give you a heads up that one of our clients should be calling you today.  She was talking about needing someone to help with a project and I immediately thought of you and the way you helped out my neighbor Doug.  Anyway, I wanted to leave you her number.  If you haven't heard from her by tomorrow go ahead and give her a call.  She's excited to meet with you.  Her name is...

IMAGINE getting more referrals.

IMAGINE calls from strangers who are already know they want to hire you.

IMAGINE spending more time working with GREAT clients.

IMAGINE spending less time looking for decent ones.

IMAGINE getting more referrals.


For a limited time you can PRE-ORDER your electronic copy for only $25!!!  This electronic workbook is a training system to help you understand the dynamics of how and why referrals are given, along with tips and strategies and exercises to help you increase the number of referrals you get.  (It'll be ready, hot off the electronic presses on April 22.  Order your copy today and save a bunch of money.  The actual price may end up be several trajillion dollars.)


Here's a little excerpt and summary of what you'll find inside.


So you want more referrals huh?  Everybody does and yet most people don’t seem to have a very clear understanding of how to get them.  In the following pages, I’m going to break down a LOT of information about what the critical factors to getting referrals are, why you’re not getting enough now, how to get more and do it all without EVER making one of those very awkward calls, “Who do YOU know that could use my services?”


Referrals don’t have to be a part of your core strategy for getting new clients, but if you’re here, you probably would love them to be.  When you INCREASE YOUR REFERABILITY FACTOR, you also tend to increase the effectiveness of your other sales and marketing efforts.  In many ways, the factors that influence the # of referrals you receive are the same factors that influence your success in all your sales and marketing strategies. 


5 Big Myth’s About Getting More Referrals

In these pages you’ll find more than just tips and ideas however.  You’re also going to find information specifically designed to SHIFT YOUR THINKING.  If I can change how you think about REFERRALS, I can change how you ACT.  When your ACTIONS shift, you’ll get different results.  So let’s start with some myths about referrals that could use some tweaking or erasing altogether. 


Myth#1:  You have to know people a long time before they’ll give you a referral.

While it certainly doesn’t hurt to know people for a long time, it isn’t critical for getting referrals.  A LOT of other factors matter a LOT more.  Think about it, have you ever passed the name of a service provider that you hadn’t known that long?  Learn the 10 REAL Reasons Why People Refer You and how to apply those reasons to get more people to send more referrals to YOU. 


Myth#2:    If you do good or GREAT work, people will refer you.

LOTS of people are good at what they do (perhaps even you).  Have you ever worked with someone who did a great job for you, yet you haven’t sent THEM a referral?  Learn what the 3rd Party Problem is and how it get’s in the way of you getting referrals.  More importantly, learn simple ways to get around the 3rd Party Problem and get the referrals you've been missing out on.


Myth#3:  People who REALLY like you will refer you business.

Again, while it certainly doesn’t hurt to have people like you, in many instances it’s not enough to have them refer you business.  The thing that DOES make a difference is to make it easier for people to know Who to Refer & What to Say.  If you make the job of matchmaker easier, you’ll find a lot more people willing to play the part. 


Myth#4:  If you just had a chance to tell people EVERYTHING you do, you’d get more referrals.

Most people think they'll get more referrals if they cast a wide net and spill ALL the stuff they have to offer.  The problem is that people have short memory spans.  Many of them have trouble locating their keys on a regular basis.  Remembering EVERYTHING you do is tough even for people who’ve known you for years.  In these pages you’ll learn how to focus your focus without giving up products and services and why the solution is to Say LESS in More Places.


Myth#5:  The more people you have contact information for, the more referrals you’ll get.

If you’re working on building a massive database, you may be working in the wrong direction.  Learn how to make your database work harder.  Big isn’t bad, it’s just big.  You can have a million bullets laying in a pile.  They do you no good without a way to aim and fire them.  Learn Simple Strategies to Find the Money Hidden in Your Database.


Myth#6:  You’ve got to pay people for their referrals. 

Again, this may not hurt but there are LOTS of reasons people refer and cash rewards are not always it.  In some cases the cash reward may actually HURT your relationship with your referral source.  Find out What Works Better Than a Cash Thank You and why.



This workbook will help a WIDE range of people seeking more referrals.  That being said, it will be ESPECIALLY helpful if you:




  • Are in a field with a lot of potential competition (insurance agent, financial advisor, real estate agent)
  • Have a hard time explaining what you do
  • Sell multiple services or products
  • Go to 2 or more networking events a month
  • Get new clients by doing PUBLIC SPEAKING
  • Spend time ON THE PHONE with current or past clients
If one or more of those descriptions fits YOU, you'll find the materials inside this book invaluable. 


Remember, REFERRALS are the reward for building

GREAT relationships,

STRATEGICALLY educating your fan club and


Make sure you're not missing out on yours.

Pre-order your copy now for only $25.



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