RecruitFest! 2009 - Las Vegas

This is going to be a great day full of discussions about Recruiting, Sourcing, Recruitment Branding and bettering your mousetrap through effective Search Engine Optimization while never forgetting that productive and profitable recruiting comes from having the right head between your shoulders. This will be the 2nd RecruitFest! and if it is anything like RecruitFest! #1, you won't want to miss it.

Vegas is the place and what makes this RecruitFest! more than just a day where you can learn something and teach something, it's the day before the Kennedy Conference . So really, if you choose, it's an entire week of taking part in all things recruiting.

Like the first RecruitFest!, we will start with a drumming circle and then the unconference will begin. What is an unconference? Well, it's very basic but very powerful. It's much different from a regular conference in that no one will be speaking to you. You will be part of a group that is moderated by a track leader and you will be expected to learn something and to teach something. The track leader will facilitate the discussion and keep things on track.

Imagine a big room and in that room sections set up for the different discussions. All the discussions will take place in that one room at the same time. The challenge and your requirement will be that you become comfortable standing up and moving to another conversation of your choice when it's your time to move on and you will be the one who decides your timetable. There will be a start time at the beginning of the day and an end time at the end of the day. That's it. You go where you want when you want.

This is how the day goes:

Drumming Circle - I can't say enough about it. We did it for the first event and it was fantastic. It's a great way to get the day underway

John Sumser: John will open RecruitFest! John is the biggest influence I have had in this business. Everything he has told me over the years has come true. He sees things differently than most. When he talks you should listen because there is gold in his ideas and words.

then the unconference will start and the following track leaders will set up shop for you.

Joel Cheesman: He knows a lot about Search Optimization and it is something recruiters need to think about and know about. He's an exciting guy in his own way, and will without a doubt leave you with ideas that will help your business. If you recognize that Google and Yahoo should be your recruiting friend, spend some with Joel. It will be time well spent.

Gerry Crispin: Gerry is a fountain of information and he is a story teller. You add recruiting into the mix and you get an experience that companies pay a lot of money for. Gerry wants to talk and he wants to network with people who share the belief that we should always aim for recruiting perfection but hope we never get there because if we do, what do we do next?

Maureen Sharib: Maureen lives telephone sourcing. Maureen eats telephone sourcing. Maureen knows that telephone sourcing for the certain type of recruiter is really all you need. No fancy stuff here. Maureen has built a business around her telephone. She produces a ton of content available almost everywhere and she will be yours for the day.

Steve Fogarty: Steve is smart. I saw Steve present at the Adidas Headquarters in Portland and he really blew me away. Steve loves brands and Steve loves making the brand work. Steve works at Adidas and I know it's probably bigger than your company but even a small recruiting company needs to think about brand. Steve will help in this department.

Dave Mendoza: Dave understands online networking. He has built a very large network of recruiters and can jumpstart your connections. There are many ways you can utilize the things he knows in order to build and maintain your network. It's a great opportunity for you to learn how to grow an online network at a dizzying speed.

Rayanne Thorn: Rayanne understands that we may recruit for a living but really, we are all just people looking to do our best for the most part. Rayanne is like a ray of sunshine and has the ability to make conversation easy and fun and she believes that every candidate is deserving of respect. It's an important conversation.
There will also be a place for those who are interested to take the floor and talk about what's on their mind.

If you have questions about it, call me. It's easier for me to explain how powerful an experience this will be over the telephone. It's the recruiter in me. 416.995.3693

Then later that night, a big party - just has to be.

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The Mirage Hotel & Casino:

3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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A special room rate of $95 is being held in a block for conference attendees for the nights of Monday, May 18 through Thursday May 21, 2009. The rate is $159 per night for Friday, May 22, 2009.
If you wish to stay at The Mirage , book early; demand is likely to exceed availability. In addition, you must mention Kennedy Information’s “Recruiting 2009 Conference and Expo” when making the reservation.
The room block deadline is March 27, 2009 or when the rooms are all taken, whichever comes first. Call hotel reservations at 1-800-374-9000 or click here to book your room.

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