Recruiting in a skeptical marketplace: How to talk to a big banana

NOTE: IF YOU SIGN UP, PRINT OUT THIS PAGE SO YOU REMEMBER THE TIMES OF THE CLASS STATED BELOW."Recruiting in a Skeptical Market place: How to talk to a big banana and a little one in today's marketplace."This is a private class for readers of my newsletter who either have or want to get the new 3 CD Skepticla Market Recruiter program, and who want to get in on this special to session course October 17-18. All signups will get an assignment and the website link to tune in online a week or so before the class.IF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SIGN UP AND GET THE CD PROGRAM, SKIP EVERYTHING ELSE AND SCROLL RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. --This 2-evening live class is part of Kim's new program:BEYOND SALES TALK. What to say so they stay... What not to say so they don't run away.CLASS DATES AND TIMES:Monday and Tuesday evening, October 17 & 18, 2005. Each session is ONE hour to ONE hour and 15 minutes. Scripts will be included on CD in a PDF format. START TIME:Monday & Tuesday eves: 7PM PT 8PM MT 9PM CT 10PM ET This will be a TWO EVES fast class. 1-1.25 hours per evening, together on the telephone. Sign up at way bottom left. CLASS DESCRIPTIONThe 2-evening "Recruiting in a Skeptical Marketplace" course is for someone who wants to:1. Stop telling others things they know to be untrue, but have been told to say, to recruit people into the business...("Do you want to make $5k/mo working 10 hours/wk?", etc.)2. Learn to distinguish in 60 seconds someone who wants extra income doing an extra job from home, versus doing something of their own...3. Of those who want to do someting of their own, learn to distinguish a "big banana" from a "little" or "medium banana" - in the first few moments...4. Learn to speak to a big banana like a normal person, so they LISTEN to you, and don't perceive you as a scam or sham...5. Learn to speak to a little or medium banana so they can see how they can YES do this in the 5-10 hours they have per week.That way, they're ready to talk to you or someone else who can show them how the business works. No more wasting time with the wrong people. No more dragging. No more turning off the good ones by sounding like every other person who's hyping their prospects to death.IF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SIGN UP, SKIP EVERYTHING ELSE AND SCROLL RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.In today's marketplace, skepticism abounds. Books are being written about marketers who are all "liars", and the Internet is full of commentary about how consumers don't believe marketers anymore. Mostly because they don't tell it like it is, but how they want you to believe it is..."Never in the history of mankind have so many people uttered statements that they know to be untrue. Presidents, priests, politicians, lawyers, reporters, corporate executives, sales people and countless others have taken to saying not what they actually believe, but what they want others to believe — not what is, but what works." -From the new book "Your Call is Important to Us" by L. Penny.Are you on the Do Not Call List? Nearly 80 million Americans have DEMANDED they NOT BE CALLED anymore by telemarketers, because they're sick of the sales pitches. We all seek sales pitch relief. That's why Tivo sales are so big, and why we all hold the remote controls tightly- waiting for the next silly ad to click away from.If YOU sound like one of those people to your prospects, do you think they will listen? By now you have learned that most recruiting scripts taught by companies and leads outfits turn off good people, because they're perceived as hype or outright lies. When they ask you "What do you make?" what can you say? :(You can stop this anxiety right now by learning how to present the business to the right people, with the right words. Big bananas. Little bananas. By the way, did you know that 85% of everyone in the business today is PART TIME? Little bananas, they are. A few are the full time big bananas. The scripts you will learn (and get) are not full of the hype or the big (and rare) stories, none of which are believed anymore today, anyway. There are too many dead bodies. Too many gory stories that people have heard or experienced first hand. See http://KimKlaverBlogs.comPeople have had it with marketers who lie. That's not who you are, is it?IF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SIGN UP, SKIP EVERYTHING ELSE AND SCROLL RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.Here's how to sign up for this special first online Banana Marketing Series class:1. The two session course, including the 3-CD set with scripts: $119. Includes shipping WITHIN THE U.S.2. Can't attend class? 3-CD set, plus scripts: $119 (including shipping within US. Orders on or before 10.5.05 get the IF MY book on the house.)Have the 3-CD set and want to take the class again? Call the office and Gwen will check you out and get you the number for the class - on the house. 800.595.1956 from within the U.S. Outside: 816.454.1417.Options below, left side at the bottom.You'll get the web link a week or so before class, plus an assignment. OK?Fondly,KimIF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SIGN UP, SKIP EVERYTHING ELSE AND SCROLL RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.Notes.Just in from a recent 3 Scripts class..."Dear Kim, I have never felt comfortable talking about our products (even though they are awesome) because I never wanted to sound like a salesperson. I simply did not know what to say. You have given me a huge gift with the simple scripts and strategies. I now know that I can create customer volume and not sound salesy. Jana Kodysz, 3 Scripts class of 7.23.04, Big Planet rep"Hi Kim: I am SO glad I decided to take your class. It's the BEST and most HELPFUL & INFORMATIVE class I've ever taken. I've been a Shaklee consumer for 26 years and a Shaklee Coordinator for 10 years..." Cathy C., 3 Scripts Class of 4.27.04, Shaklee rep"After 28 years trying "new beginnings" for my business I had lost my sizzle. I had absolutely stopped talking with anyone about my business. Now I've learned to let them fall in love with me first. On the first date, BEFORE the 3 Scripts class, it was as if I couldn't decide what to wear so I was wearing ALL my clothes at the same time! NO MORE. I'm gathering old literature and cleaning house for a BON-FIRE! Its all outdated now." Betty Jo S., 3 Scripts class of 4.27.04, Mannatech“I did $1,200 in business in one day. In my 31 years in business I’ve never had a day like that, ever. The reason I took the class is because I’ve been wanting to call these people and didn’t know what to say. Now I just call them…” -- Mary Anton Shaklee"I realize now that I was someone who was always selling, convincing and talking technobabble. Now I know I am someone who can interest people in my products simply, feel great about it and get results.Do you know of anyone who is not getting the results they want, and are serious about building a business starting with customers. Please introduce them to Kim Klaver's course - 100 customers in 100 days...and sign up as fast as you can. If this works for you like I see it working for me, you will be smiling from ear to ear. Our products and Kim Klaver's system is a match made in heaven. I learned how to speak to anyone so they hear what I am saying. Including friends, referrals, cold market, situational and even my family.Kim Klaver, I thank you." -Doug Tumen, Executive Diamond Director, Ideal Health 3 Scripts Class of Nov 28, '03SIGN UP AT THE BOTTOM LEFT. My international friends: check world clock here NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE! 1. Your email confirming the phone number AND the homework assignment will come from either or so make sure your email is set to receive mail from us. 2. The times of the class are what is stated HERE. So PRINT THIS OUT for your reference.

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Skeptical Market Recruiter, 10.17-18.05, with 3- CD Ended $119
Skeptical Marketing, 10.17-18.05, Order before 10.5. Includes free IF MY book. PLUS 3-CD Set Ended $119

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