Real World Agile Testing with Fit and FitNesse

Are you tired of falling behind with manual testing?

If so, this course is for you even if you aren't doing agile development! One of the leading causes of agile failure is insufficient automated testing. Quite simply the math of regression testing works against the team and eventually overwhelms them prior to project completion. Agile processes rely on the fundamental tenet that regression testing is an inexpensive activity. This is why so much effort is expended on making sure important items are completed in earlier iterations. When this is done properly those items are also the most tested items, hence the product is more stable at release. Unfortunately, too many teams fail to recognize this issue and fall into regression deficit disorder - and they can never catch up again! Unfortunately, non-agile teams fall into the same trap. It takes longer and longer to test each release until people start to call it "legacy code" and make believe it doesn't exist. Fit can help non-agile teams too!

But we can't do automated testing because...

Believe me, we have heard it all before. While we sympathize with your issues, most boil down to finances and/or time. This is where Fit (Framework for Integrated Tests) and FitNesse come into play. Both are free, take very little time to learn, and once learned can be incredibly helpful.

OK, I'm somewhat interested, tell me more.

Gladly! This 2-day course is designed specifically for testers and developers (as well as business analysts, product managers, product champions and others) struggling with automating their agile testing environment. The course teaches agile testing automation using Fit/FitNesse. Specifically agile Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) is emphasized and presented using a number of exercises enabling attendees to understand the benefits and how they could implement the framework in their organization.

This course emphasizes Acceptance Testing, the practice of creating tests for the acceptance and "done-ness" of a story. We will look at refining and estimating stories based on answering the questions "How would I test that?" and "How will I know we're done?" Attendees will learn about Acceptance-Test Driven Development, the practice of writing these tests before the code is developed, and how testers (perhaps in combination with other roles) provide the final touches on the process of business analysis and requirements specification on an agile team. Attendees will work together to write acceptance tests, and then use an automation tool to collaborate on connecting the tests to the system under test. Developers will not be developing code beyond the "fixtures" required to connect tests to software, and labs will be completed when tests"fail successfully."

What exactly will we learn?

Glad you asked! Learning objectives:

1. The role of testers in refining and estimating stories
2. Writing acceptance tests for stories without having to wait for the functionality to exist
3. Testing stories rather than interfaces and interactions
4. Writing tests collaboratively in a team setting
5. How to use acceptance tests to discuss stories and settle arguments
6. The roles of automation on an agile team
7. Using the simple abilities of Fit (Framework for Integrated Tests) and FitNesse
8. How to improve acceptance tests
9. Developers: How to write fixtures

Course Outline:

1. Why "Test First"

Attendees learn how "test-first" allows for improved feedback for developers, testers, and stakeholders. They also learn ho it alters the tester's roles, responsibilities, and view of the software. Attendees see why it is important to consider testing in detail before the software exists, and emphasize "acceptance" in the term "acceptance testing."

2. Fit in General

Attendees will explore the three basic forms of Fit tests, followed by exploring the enhancements made available when using FitLibrary. A demo project with functioning code and tests will be demonstrated. This is often the "aha!" moment (seeing is believing). Finally, attendees will create basic Fit tests for a sample exercise.

3. Implementing Fit

Attendees will learn about many variations of Fit, their pros and cons, and how to choose: Fit, FitLibrary, FolderRunner, FitNesse, ZiBreve, in Java or .NET. Parallel exercises will give testers a chance to incorporate feedback into their tests, while developers work to set up at least one computer system with a Fit installation (either .NET or Java based).

4. Developing Fit Fixtures

Focus shifts to developers who will learn how to develop a Fit Fixture (a small bit of code that connects the Fit test to the system under test). Although this section is technical, it's important for testers and developers to understand the give-and-take that is necessary to get the written test to "line up" with a Fit Fixture. Developers and testers will pair up to create at least one "failing test" along with a functioning fixture.

5. Fit for real projects

We talk about what would come next, if this had been an actual project. We review how an agile team uses Fit during an iteration, and where and how collaboration takes place. We discuss the dynamic and incremental nature of test maintenance and reusable Fixture development. We will also discuss ways to adopt Fit acceptance testing, and to pay down the debts in a measured, realistic fashion.

Who is the instructor?

Rob Myers is an Agile coach and trainer with over 20 years of experience in software development, including over a decade using Agile methods. Starting in the mid-80's, Rob was consulting for leaders in the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. In the late 1990s, Rob became an Extreme Programming coach, assisting teams with Agile practices and object-oriented design techniques. His clients included various medical, financial, and software giants.

Rob is one of the rare trainers who teaches from his own experience rather than from theories. Rob is respected for his work as a developer and now as a world-class trainer and coach. His courses are enjoyable because he brings his passion for team development and sane work environments to every event.

Testimonials from previous courses

  • Rob's presentation of the material was concise and easily understandable.  Good conversational quality and knowledge of the subject.
  • Catered well to devs and testers.  Enjoyed instructors critique of our tests.
  • Rob made the course fun and easy to understand the concepts.  Entertaining while learning.  Thank you.
  • I thought the discussions we had surrounding actual use of FIT were excellent.  Examples and lab work were very good.
  • I liked the labs that took an actual project and allowed us to write fixtures for it.


The course runs 8:30-5:00 both days. A small continental breakfast, full lunch, and some snacks will be provided each day.

It is necessary for each attendee to bring a laptop computer in order to do the exercises. The course will be taught using C#, although Java can also be used. Attendees should have either a C# or Java development environment installed on their systems prior to the class. Instructions will be provided if necessary.  The Fit components will be available at the course for installation during class (it only takes a few minutes).  A Windows-based laptop is preferable.  If you need a laptop for the course, please email and let us know.  We may be able to provide one depending on how many people sign up for the course.

Ideally this course helps developer/tester pairs. If you are interested in sending two people to the course, please contact and we will send you a coupon code good for a significant discount on the course fee for the second attendee.

Who do I contact for more information? or call 303-766-0917. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Name Sales End Price
Regular ticket Ended $1200
Early bird   Ended $995

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