Real Women Like Us Expo: Who Am I - Do Your Know Your Self?

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Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S. presents:

              "Creating a Life that's Mine in 2009" Workshop Series

 "Who Am I - Do You Know Your Self?" 


Real Women Like Us Expo


The Mabry Center

23401 Mound Road

(Just North of 9 Mile Road)

Warren, Michigan 48091

Join us for a day of "Pampering, Encouragement and Inspiration" to learn how to make a strong first impression! Learn how to connect to the "True You"  while also learning new tips and tools to improve your physical image and appearance.


Enjoy a continental breakfast, complimentary massages and inspiring workshops to enhance your life so you can uncover the "True" you to live your life on purpose!

 Tickets are only $20.00!

(Tickets can be purchased at the door)

RSVP Required for Breakfast and Handouts!!


Workshop Agenda: 

10:00 am      Registration

10:30 am      Introspection: The Key to Genuine Expression and

                       Authenticity –  Kimle Mitchell, Life Coach

11:30 am    Putting your Best “Face” Forward: Healthy Skin Care – Kristin Sobjack, Arbonne International

12:00 pm    It's all in Your Attitude - Creating a Positive Image – Shawn Spiller, FaceDrama Cosmetics

12:30 pm    Clothes for Your Body Type - Enhance your Assets – Renita Collins – Master Stylist and Author, 31 Day of Focus

  1:00 pm    "Minding your Manners" - Curtrise Garner, Author, The New Rules of Etiquette   

  1:30 pm    Q & A Panel with Image Consultants and “How To” Clinics

  2:00 pm    Wrap-up - Kimle Mitchell

 Bring your ideas to share and inspire others, and much more...


 As stated best by Oprah,

 "We all need to make 2009 the year we give ourselves as much love and support as we give to others"

**Enter drawings to win exciting door prizes**

Free Parking    &   Vendors

Sponsored by Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Self-Improvement Simply Takes Education, Redevelopment and Sincerity 

REGISTER TODAY - Limited Seating!

For more information: (313) 402-4997

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Real Women Like Us Expo: Who Am I - Do Your Know Your Self?

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