1st International Conference on Religion, Conflict, and Peace: Walking The Talk Through Fear of the Unknown To Understanding And Harmony

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 1st International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, and Peace: 
Walking The Talk Through
Fear of the Unknown
To Understanding And Harmony 

March 13-15 , 2009
Oakland University ~ Rochester, Michigan USA

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 Sponsoring Participants and Tax Deductible Contributions to Scholarships:  
To assist in promoting important important diversity of participation and accessibility, we make every effort to include students and low income community activists by providing subsidies and scholarships. To assist in this effort, we appreciate donations to our scholarship fund. Contributions are Tax Deductible and can be made to: the International Humanistic Psychology Association, a US Federal 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Contact CBI for details.  
In addition, organizations and groups are encouraged to sponsor participation of their representatives and members of target groups they serve.

Cancellation Policy: Full refunds are given for cancellations received in writing by February 1, 2009, minus a $50 non-refundable administrative fee. After February 1, 2009 no refunds are possible.  

Assignments possible:
You may also assign your registration to someone else for participation at no charge (assignments must be made prior to the conference date in person by phone or in writing directly to Common Bond Institute). Common Bond Institute 12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, Michigan 49034 USA Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393
E-mail: SOlweean@aol.com  

HOTEL RESERVATIONS  Discounted hotel rates of $95 for single or double rooms (including breakfast) have been negotiated with the Crowne Plaza Auburn Hills Hotel, (located 1 mile from the conference site on Oakland University's campus) for our conference pareticipants. 
The hotel provides a free daily shuttle to and from the conference site.
A Roommate-Find page is available to conference participants at:

See all details on hotel accommodations and directons to the conference site at: http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_RCP_Site.htm


 Conference Description:

1st International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, and Peace: 
Walking The Talk Through
Fear of the Unknown
To Understanding And Harmony 

March 13-15 , 2009

Oakland University ~ Rochester, Michigan USA 

A Multi-disciplinary, Multi-cultural Conference

An "Official Pre-Parliament Event" of the
2009 Parliament of World Religions

Co-sponsored by:
Oakland University Islamic Studies Program,
Common Bond Institute,
and International Humanistic Psychology Association 

Endorsed by a growing number of organizations internationally 

Registration is Open to All 

Keynotes by
John Esposito, Naomi Tutu, and Mohammed Abu-Nimer

Full details at: www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_RCP.htm

An international forum promoting Inter-religious and Intra-religious dialogue to explore the challenges of Extremism, Intolerance, Scapegoating, and Islamophobia, and the promise of Reason, Understanding, Compassion, and Cultural Harmony 

The spiritual experience is both uniquely individual and universal, tapping into our deepest, most inner self, while connecting us to the oneness with all. How each of us chooses our own sometimes quite different path on this common journey can highlight an appreciation for the rich diversity of human sacred practice, while at the same time setting the stage for the potential hazards of elitism, competition, polarity, and even animosity that paradoxically negate the core message of unity, and hamper us on that journey.  

Religious intolerance, marginalization, scapegoating, and related conflict are not new experiences, whether in the US or globally. Many examples are woven throughout our human history that highlight both the unique circumstances of individual religious groups, and the broader commonality shared by all who have been on either side of such seemingly fundamental divides.  

Although the dynamics and struggles are universal for all religious communities exposed to these ills, a most recent, telling example in the US is the experience of Islam and the Muslim community.  

In addition, dichotomies and conflicts within spiritual traditions themselves, including extremist interpretations and interpolations of religious tenets and practice, are also historical and present day dilemmas for many religions.  

Understanding how these elements and conditions arise, and how they compromise, contradict, and even threaten original spiritual intent, as well as relationships between and within religious communities, are essential to learning and putting into practice methods for appreciating diversity and achieving harmony and peace in today's rapidly shrinking and increasingly inter-dependant world community.  

The RCP Conference seeks to create an engaged, inclusive dialogue to consciously explore together both broader historical dynamics, implications, and possible remedies, and the current specific example of Islam and Muslims in American society.  

    "It does not require that we be the same to be appreciative of, at peace with, and secure in our relationships with each other; only that we be familiar enough with each others story to share the humanity and trustworthiness that resides in each of us."

Join us as we explore:
The mutual dilemmas of religious ignorance, extremism, intolerance, negative stereotypes, prejudice, demonization and dehumanization, scapegoating, and fear of "the other," that can lead to toxic divisiveness, polarization, and social paranoia, with a special focus on Islamophobia and the Muslim community 
The promise of personal engagement through dialogue in nurturing a shared consciousness of peace - and in doing so promoting the religious experience as a healing remedy rather than problem.

An outstanding, international, and diverse gathering of over 60 presenters for a 3-Day itinerary of Keynotes, workshops, panels, and dialogue groups, as well as social/cultural events. Complete information, including registration details, the full program, presenter biographicals, and projected outcome goals will be posted in the near future.

Confirmed Presenters include:
John Esposito, Naomi Tutu, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Joseph Montville, Imam Muhammad Agherdien, Imam Hasan Qazwini, Imam Mohammad Elahi, Imam Mohamed Mardini, Imam Achmat Salie, Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg, Reverend Joseph Summers, Geshe Kalsang Lhundup, Sharif Abdullah, Steve Spreitzer, David Crumm, Krishna Kumar, Steve Olweean, Said Khan, Rasool Chaudry, Imad Hamad, Nadia Fadel, Ihsan Alkhatib, Daniel Tutt, Paula Gutlove, Irene Nasser, Ohad Bar Shalom, Osama Siblani, Sarah Sayeed, Mumtaz Haque, Nadeem Salem, Shereef Akeel, Charles Mabee, Eide Alawan, Brenda Rosenberg, Fatima Al-Hayaani, Cathy Cheal, Michael Sevilla, Jehan Olweean, John Suggs, James Dow, Don Matthews, Padma Kuppa, Mohan Tanniru, Rick Joseph, Joanna Ladki, Terri Heckman, Sonya Friedman, Sudarshan Sathe, Olga Bonfiglio, Victor Naidu, Peter Bettochi, John Barton, George Saunders, Henry Gorman, Sharon (Shea) Howell, Sister Mary VanGilder, Reverend Leonetta, Reverend Sue Camaiore, Reverend Latha Ravi, Father Stan Ulman, Julius Delpino, Abdul Raheman Nakadar, Falguni Shah, Tristin Hassell, Manveen Saluja

Conference Coordinators
Achmat Salie,   Oakland University
Steve Olweean, Common Bond Institute




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(see Eventbrite Registration page on this conference for details at:

 http://eto09.eventbrite.com/  )

Name Sales End Price Fee
General Registration Ended $175 $4.38
Student Registration   Ended $85 $2.12
Friday Lunch   Ended $7 $0.99
Friday Buffet Dinner   Ended $17 $0.99
Saturday lunch   Ended $7 $0.99
Saturday Buffet Dinner   Ended $17 $0.99
Saturday Fundraising Dinner Event Only (individual ticket)   Ended $50 $1.25
Saturday Fundraising Dinner Event Only (Full Table ticket: 10 seats)   Ended $500 $9.95
Sunday Lunch   Ended $7 $0.99

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