Buddhist Concentration Meditation Circle

Buddhist Samatha (Concentration) Meditation Circle
Weekly Workshop - Only $12
This is a CASH ONLY Class
A Percentage of this is being placed into a fund for International Humanitarian Relief Work.

Time- Every Thursday from 8pm - 9pm
Starting Oct 15th
Class Begins at Promptly at 8pm and as such the door will be closed at that time

Hosted By Rajiv Sankarlall

After Spending sometime in Thailand living with Buddhist Monks, Rajiv returns to South Florida to teach what he has learned.

This is a process that teaches you to quiet the mind by learning to focus the mind and releasing other thoughts. Used for increasing psychic awareness and connecting better with the astral plane and beyond them, and also for finding peace in your life by learning to end the chaos of the busy mind.

This is an Introductory Class as the weeks progress a more advanced class will be made available

You will learn, more so you will Do the following:
-Control the Breath
-Release thoughts
-Build Good Karma
-Focus the Mind
-Different ways to Focus the mind
-Ways to Adapt this to your Everyday Life
-And Alot more!

Every week we will practice a different form of Samadhi. The Class is Tailored so that it will be the same basics each week but something new as well so that if you miss any days you wont feel left out!

Recommended to bring a small cup and a small bottle of water for a Buddhist ritual at the end of each circle.
Water Pouring Ritual - Buddhist believe that meditation is one of the highest forms of building good karma as such at the end its symbolic to pour water into a vessel such as a bowl or a cup as a means of spreading good karma to your friends and family, in this world and the next. It also builds even more good karma for yourself as well.

For More Information please visit


Griffin's Loft Address:
4282 University Drive
Davie, FL 33328

Name Sales End Price
Open to All Ended Free

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