Øredev Knowledge Network - Seminar: Qi4j with Rickard Öberg

"Classes are dead. Long live interfaces!"

OOP neglects the need of objects to adjust its behavior depending on the context. "John is a parent and programmer in the city, but a hunter and food in the jungle." Same object, different contexts.
OOP has also not fulfilled its promise of re-usability, partly due to such static behavior and partly due to its inability to deal with fine-granularity of states and behaviors. Composite Oriented Programming addresses these issues, and Qi4J is an implementation available to Java programmers today.

Qi4j™, pronounced "chee for jay", is a framework for domain centric application development, including evolved concepts from AOP, DI and DDD.

Qi4j™ is an implementation of Composite Oriented Programming, using the standard Java 5 platform, without the use of any pre-processors or new language elements. Everything you know from Java 5 still applies and you can leverage both your experience and toolkits to become more productive with Composite Oriented Programming today.

At this unique seminar Rickard will give attendees an introduction to the basics of Qi4j followed by a discussion on relevant usage/projects based on the seminar participants.

About the speaker:

Rickard Öberg is a world wide known Swedish Java programmer, notably for development of JBoss, Webwork and XDoclet projects. He is the co-founder of Qi4j together with Niklas Hedhman.


More information about Qi4j at: http://www.qi4j.org/


Seminar will be held in English.

Basic knowledge of Java is expected.


Rickard Öberg from Jayway

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