PXC Podcasting Bootcamp

Podcast, Web Video, whatever you want to call it...it9s a revolution that9s building fast. From personal podcasting to corporate communications, everyone is getting into the game. Unfortunately, most people have a hard time building content that builds an audience. Not all "television rules" apply and the internet has added a few extras. The Pixel Corps has been working on internet video for over 5 years. We9ll show you what we9ve learned so far.

The Podcasting Bootcamp takes students through all aspects of audio and video podcast productions. From planning to production to post-production, students will learn the entire pipeline and try their hand at all facets of podcast creation. This is a hands-on course and requires participants to have Final Cut Pro Studio (FCP Studio 2 is suggested) in order to follow along with some aspects of the course. Attendees will need their own computer or laptop.

Day 1 - Planning Podcasts

Producing good podcasts is more than just mic technique or good music. Creating a solid  show, whether audio or video, requires planning. The first day is about preparing for and organizing podcasts that are competitive in the current market. We9ll cover successful models for audio and video podcasts and how to make them sustainable, scalable, and profitable. We9ll cover databases, forms you need, show structures and processes that will help make your show a success.

Day 2 - Audio Production

Morning - Production
Just getting your podcast on iTunes isn9t enough anymore and a poor recording makes building an audience even harder. Students will learn the ins and outs of tools and techniques that produce the best possible source material. In addition to basic processes, we9ll cover various approaches to podcasts including multi-track recording, remote recording, Skype, telephone interfaces, and portable recording kits. Students will be part of live recordings to explore the production process.

Afternoon - Post-Production
Once your podcast is recorded, there is almost always some clean-up required. Students will work on real-world material to learn the basics of cleaning up and sweetening audio. Projects will include both pristine material and challenging problems that require extra work. Adding music and ads will also be covered.

Day 3 - Video Production

Morning - Production
Shooting good video is more than simply pointing the camera towards your subject. Students will learn the basics of handheld, single camera and multi-camera shoots. Key lighting skills (interview, camera-based, and location) will be covered along with best practices that will minimize the cleanup required in post.

Afternoon - Post Production
Rarely do we shoot footage that is simply ready to upload. Students will work with real-world examples to learn solid approaches to put the "finish" on their video work. From tying together location footage together to multicam shoots, we9ll cover it all. Color correction, working around problems and compression will also be covered.

Day 4 - Distribution, Promotion and Interactivity

Morning - Interactivity
Currently, most video on the web is "passive," meaning the viewer has no interaction. But the future of video and audio is interactivity. Learn how interactive video and audio can add new streams of revenue for podcasts and how to produce interactive content for multiple platforms.

Afternoon - Promotion and Distribution
It sometimes seems like there are nearly as many outlets for web video as there are videos. Students will learn techniques for maximizing the impact of videos coming out of the gate. From Blip to iTunes to YouTube, we9ll discuss the pros and cons and how to get the most from each.

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