PushSummit 2009 in Birmingham, ALABAMA

7-5-09 UPDATE:  Can't wait to see you in Birmingham!  Make sure that if you need transport to and fro the airport, or a roomie at the hotel to help defray your lodging costs, that you email cristybjenkins@aol.com. 

Also, if you are hopeful to receive a some financial assistance to join us and have explored all of your in-state fundraising options, please let us know if you need a partial PushScholarship by emailing steff@thebigpushformidwives.org.

And all the Pushers say: "Ad alta!"

The Big Push for Midwives Campaign

PushSummit 2009 – Birmingham, AL

The Highland ConferenceCenter
July 12-15, 2009


JOIN US at PushSummit 2009, where the best and brightest grassroots advocates from across the PushNation will convene to share, review, and learn from one another. Register today and join the push to increase access to out-of-hospital maternity care and the Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) who are specifically trained to provide it.


   SUNDAY, July 12

3 PM – Late   (PushSummit attendees arrive Birmingham,AL)

Meet and greet, introductions, and preliminary discussions at the Hotel Highland at Five Points South.


Join the Alabama Birth Coalition for a music benefit to free Alabama’s midwives and to kick-off Alabama’s Big Push for Midwives Campaign! The Bottletree Cafe is a fantastic local venue with tasty vegan/vegetarian fare. Doors open at 3 p.m. and the music starts at 4 p.m.  If you’re interested in attending, contact Jennifer at jennifer.crook.moore@gmail.com to arrange transportation.


   MONDAY, July 13

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM   (The Highland ConferenceCenter)

Facilitator: Jane Peterson, President of the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives


8:30 AM – Introductions, Intent for the Day

  • 9 AM – OPEN FORUM  |  PushState Reports and Dialogue I

In this rapid roundtable session, the group will hear from fellow state-level CPM advocates as they concisely share about the “State of the Push” in their states across the PushNation.

[Please email your state’s responses in advance of the PushSummit, as possible.]

        What’s working in your state?

        What’s not working?

        Where are you receiving help and assistance?

        Where do you need more, and from whom?

        What questions / answers do you wish to share?

        What do you hope to achieve at this PushSummit?

10:15 AM – BREAK

  • 10:30 AM – OPEN FORUM  |  PushState Reports and Dialogue I  (CONTINUED)


11:45 AM – LUNCH, FILM SCREENING OF "BRINGIN' IN DA SPIRIT" and KEYNOTE PRESENTATION by Nadiyah Seeraj of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC)

The International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) was created to support the needs of Black women who desire to become midwives to improve family health in their communities. ICTC is a midwive promotion, recruitment, and training organization for Black women who want to become midwives and serve their communities.

Pushers will hear more about the urgent need in Alabama (and beyond) to grow the number of Black midwives to help accelerate our ability to address racial disparities in birth outcomes and shameful infant / maternal mortality and morbidity rates ... and also about the opportunities at hand to create new quality jobs that are community based across urban and rural populations alike.

The Alabama Poverty Project will also be present, and we imagine the presentation and dialogue afterwards will be amazing.

1:45 PM – BREAK

  • 2 PM – KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE  |  PushState Reports and Dialogue II

In this session, the group will focus on the needs of the states as reported in the morning Open Forum. Bulk of session will be devoted to discuss associated issues and implications delivered in the PushState Reports. Whether a state has been pursuing legislation for a number of years, or is brand-new to the process, participants will benefit from hearing from states that have had huge success in overcoming obstacles in recent years. Group members will share their experience and valuable lessons learned, including review of participating state bills, and many other related items:

        Effective bill language and title

        What are the “must haves” provisions in any bill

        Talking points and collateral materials

        Identifying/recruiting sponsors

        Committee matters

        Study resolution issues

        Using campaign work to your advantage

        The role of leadership, cultivating relationships with key staff and other lobbyists, etc.


3:30 PM – BREAK

  • 3:45 PM – START YOUR ENGINE  |  Grassroots Mobilization

In this session, the group will discuss:

        Best practices related to putting together databases and e-lists

        Using midwives to help mobilize their past and present client base

        Recruiting support from beyond the midwifery/homebirth community

        Physicians for Midwives efforts




No formal social activities planned. Informal impromptu meetings encouraged!



   TUESDAY, July 14

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM   (The Highland ConferenceCenter)

Facilitator: Jane Peterson, President of the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives


8:30 AM – Funny Stories from the Night Before, Intent for the Day

  • 9 AM – MESSAGING and MEDIA  |  Getting Picked Up

In this panel discussion session, the group will discuss effective messaging for both sides of the aisle, in conservative and liberal states, as well as how to most effectively build relationships with journalists and bloggers (cheesy pick-up lines also welcome).


10:45 AM – BREAK

  • 11 AM – FEDERAL ADVOCACY FOR CPMs  |  Where We Are, Where We Need to Go

In this panel discussion session, the group will discuss about how states can play a role in the next round of negotiations on federal health care reform and how state-level advocates and midwifery organizations can do their part to make sure that out-of-hospital maternity care and Certified Professional Midwives are fully integrated into our health care system at both the state and national levels.


12:30 PM – LUNCH, (discussion likely to continue from previous session)

  • 1:30 PM – INTERNAL COMMUNITYBUILDING  |  Safe Dialogue on Pressing Issues

In this open-and-facilitated dialogue, the group will have the opportunity to engage in a “safe” discussion about issues that are of most pressing concern to attendees. From assaults on the PEP, to relations with the ACNM, to how national organizations can best serve their dedicated state members, a professionally facilitated clearing of the air does a movement good.




5:30 PM – DINNER, (discussion likely to continue from previous session)


No formal social activities planned. Informal impromptu meetings encouraged!



   WEDNESDAY, July 15

8 AM – 11 AM  (Wherever you go, there you are)

  • 8 AM – STATE-TO-STATE EXCHANGE  |  Get in that last bit of good brainstorming!

You’ve networked and met some of the best advocates in the PushNation. Before you head home, have one more go at solving some of the knottiest problems that have your state stumped!


11 AM – Noon   (PushSummit attendees depart Birmingham,AL)

Sad goodbyes, but new beginnings for the PushStates, their moms and babies!!






The business of the summit will convene at the Highland ConferenceCenter all day on both Monday and Tuesday, July 13 and 14, with formal and informal socializing planned in the evenings of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Many attendees are choosing to arrive Sunday afternoon and leave Wednesday morning.

The Highland Center is within one block of coffee, fabulous pancakes, Thai food, barbeque, natural grocery/cafe (open weekday lunch only), pizza, and two of Birmingham’s finest restaurants, including one that is a current finalist for a James Beard Foundation award for outstanding restaurant.



Airport transport to the Highland Hotel is available thanks to amazing local volunteers. Please contact Cristy Jenkins at cristybjenkins@aol.com to arrange for airport pickup/drop-off. 



The business of the summit will take place at:

The Highland Conference Center
2012 Magnolia Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35205



The conference center is a very short walk from the hotel (check-in is at 3 PM). PLEASE NOTE:  Our block of rooms is only reserved through June 12th (30 days prior to the conference).  After that date our rates and availability are no longer guaranteed.  Get your reservations made in time!

The Hotel Highland at Five Points South
1023 20th Street South
Birmingham, Alabama  35203


Contemporary Double (2 double beds) $109/night + taxes and parking

Contemporary King $109/night + taxes and parking

Suite (King or Double.  King Suites have a fold out couch and have more space.) $139/night + taxes and parking


Valet parking is $18/day
Public parking deck behind hotel approx. $4/day
Street parking (Meter maid goes home at 4:30 pm and returns at 8 pm. She doesn’t work Sundays.)

Continental Breakfast is provided at hotel.

Food and beverage also will be provided for the PushSummit Mid-Morning Break, Lunch, as well as for the Mid-Afternoon Break on Monday and Tuesday.


Have questions, need additional information?  Please contact jennifer.crook.moore@gmail.com.



PushSummit 2009 Hosts

The Alabama Birth Coalition unites groups and individuals that are committed to improving access to natural childbirth options for women, families and communities in Alabama. Our goal is to provide a statewide grassroots network connecting Members with services that support the goal of natural childbirth and respect parents' rights to make the appropriate health care decisions for their families.

The Big Push for Midwives Campaign is a nationally coordinated campaign to advocate for regulation and licensure of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and to push back against the attempts of the American Medical Association Scope of Practice Partnership to deny American families access to legal midwifery care.

Through its work with state-level advocates and coalitions, the Big Push for Midwives is helping to forge a new model of U.S. maternity care built on expanding access to out-of-hospital maternity care and CPMs, who provide affordable, quality, community-based care that is proven to reduce costly and preventable interventions as well as the rate of low-birth weight and premature births.

Name Sales End Price Fee
PushSummiteer   Ended $175 $4.38
PushSummiteer - Student   Ended $90 $2.25

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