How to Close More Sales

The "How to Close More Sales" Workshop is a great program for sales rookies as well as sales veterans offering new tips and refreshing existing concepts.

This Sales Skills Workshop includes the following topics:

Refining Your Closing Skills

Is it time to close now, or was it time to close a while ago? Not closing at the right time can lengthen your sales process or even end your sales process. Discover ways to recognize the buying signals that are given to you by your customer. Learn to trial close early in the process, and ask for the sale at the right time.

Increasing Revenue Through Negotiation

When, why, and how do you lower your sales price? Is it even necessary to lower your price? What else is the customer looking for? In order to be able to negotiate with your customer, it is imperative that you understand what is driving their behavior. There may be several ways to come to an agreement with your customer that will satisfy their needs and close the deal.

“These informative workshops will offer you valuable tools that you can use immediately to enhance the way you sell!”

Presented by Mike Leeds and sponsored by The Phoenix Business Journal.

Mike Leeds is the “Head Coach” of Professional Sales Coaching, LLC.  He has over 26 successful years of coaching, sales, and sales management experience. Prior to launching Pro Sales Coaching in 2002, Mike had successful careers with two Fortune 500 companies. He has a track record of consistently improving team results and exceeding sales goals. To learn learn about Mike and his services, please visit

April 7, 2009 from 8:30am to 11:30am   -   Seats are limted, so register today!

Early-Bird Registration (in advance - up to 1 week of the event) Your investment is $59/person

Standard Registration (in advance - up to 1 day of the event) Your investment is $69/person

Day of event (within 1 day or at the door - space available) Your investment is $79/person

Name Sales End Price
Early Bird Pre-Registration Ended $59
Standard Pre-Registration Ended $69
At the Door Registration - Space Available Ended $79

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