Prioritize For Your Purpose: Ordering Your Life to Be Extraordinary

Do you ever feel overwhelmed like you have more good things to do than time to do it?  Are you struggling to see your dreams become a reality?  Do you need additional tools to help you accomplish your goals for 2009?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then Prioritize for Your Purpose Conference on January 31, 2009 is just right for you. 


Prioritize for your Purpose: Ordering Your Life to Be Extraordinary™ is a paradigm created by Corey Tabor, President of III Coaching LLC.  This paradigm teaches you how to order your life to be extraordinary.  Most people do not order their lives to fulfill their purpose, they simply allow life to happen to them.  If you can learn to discover your purpose and then prioritize your roles, relationships, time and money around that purpose, you immediately move from being ordinary to being extraordinary.  Don’t miss this opportunity to transition into the extraordinary stage of your life.


Also, enjoy the wonderful accommodations of the newly developed AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center.  We will be meeting in their state of the art 300-seat tiered Amphitheatre.  If you are traveling from out of town and would like to stay in one of their guest rooms, you will not be disappointed.  Simply ask for the III Coaching room rate.  During our one-hour lunch break you will have an opportunity to enjoy meals in one of four restaurants in the Conference Center or enjoy restaurants in the University of Texas area.


Let's have a wonderful day of informing, instructing and inspiring one another as we move from being ordinary to extraordinary through prioritizing for our purpose.




Prioritize For Your Purpose:

Ordering Your Life to Be Extraordinary Conference


Saturday, January 31, 2009 – 9:00am – 2:00pm

AT&T Executive Edudcation and Conference Center

1900 University Avenue Austin, Texas 78705

Hosted by III Coaching, LLC




8:00AM – REGISTRATION                                                                                



This session will focus on discovering one’s general, specific and immediate purpose based on how God has shaped them.  We will discuss assessments and experiences that can assist in this process.  We will also focus on the importance of knowing God, knowing yourself and knowing your season.


9:45AM – BREAK





This session will focus on how to prioritize each role and relationship to most effectively fulfill one’s purpose


11:00AM – LUNCH

Attendees will have an hour to have lunch and discuss what they are learning with others.  They can enjoy a meal at one of four restaurants in the conference center or venture to a nearby eatery in the University of Texas area.



This session will focus on perspective and tools needed to prioritize one’s time in light of their purpose, roles and relationships.


12:45PM – BREAK



This session will focus on gaining the mindset and having the tools needed to prioritize one’s money around the purpose that God has for them.



This session will include an impactful closing thought that will inspire each person to leave prioritizing for their purpose.

Name Sales End Price
Student Ticket (Advanced)   Ended $15
III Coach Ticket   Ended $20
Adult Ticket (Advanced)   Ended $25
Half Day Conference Ticket   Ended $12.5
Door Tickets   Ended $30

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