No Instant Pudding! - Creating a Simple and Sustainable Sales Plan - 100% Guarantee - Didn't Work for You - Instant Refund!

100% Guarantee - Didn't work for you - Instant Refund!

In this 90 minute presentation Bob Davis will outline a sustainable and simple sales plan to help an individual or a team deliver sustainable results quickly and over time leveraging a simple process that works in large as well as smaller companies.

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Creating a Simple and Sustainable Sales Plan - 100% ...

Creating a Simple and Sustainable Sales Plan - 100% Guarantee - Didn't Work for You - Instant Refund!----- Includes How to Use and Build a FREE CRM -----

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Small Business Answers Business Plan Writing Guide: How To Write A ...

No! What you need is far more simple and it can be created in ... simply let me know and I will provide a 100% full refund. ... I personally didn't find anything ...

How Dow Chemical Can End the Bhopal Tragedy

A controversial Summer Games London's 2012 Summer Olympics were supposed to be the "first truly sustainable ... Bhopal. There is no better time than now for Dow to live up to its advertising campaign and demonstrate the ideals of the Olympic Games.

The Motley Fool • By Isaac Pino • 7/27/2012

Android’s Market Share Is Literally A Joke

Can you tell how well a company or an operating system is doing solely by measuring its market share? No ... have to work three times as hard and sell 3 times as much product just to match the profits of a single sale … • 5/23/2013

Forget politics, we may need a Tax Commission

No more muddling through. No more potholing. No more ad hockery. It may be time to consider forming a new and fiercely independent Tax Commission, writes John Hewson. Australia needs to achieve genuine and sustainable ... much to ask, you say?

ABC Online • 8/19/2014

Why I pirate

Because I am a pirate. That’s the simple fact of the matter ... Let me give you an example of how copyright is meant to work. If I produce a painting and hang it in a gallery, copyright ensures that no one takes a photo and sells or prints copies.

Extreme Tech • By Sebastian Anthony • 1/18/2012

Want To Tell The State To Stick It? Homeschool Your Kids

You won’t encounter ... The Home School Legal Defense Association asks, “If government regulation does not improve the results of homeschoolers why is it necessary?” Many Americans coming from other walks no doubt similarly ponder the efficacy ...

Forbes • By Bill Flax • 1/22/2013

Political Forum

We have set up a specific space for your Political opinions and information sharing and comments in the New Political Forum ... we ask that you be respectful of others in their opinions, refrain from name calling and under no circumstances will the ...

Mountain Home News • 5/9/2014

Suggest a Topic

"For the non-USA target audience, relevant topics can include: WTO/globalization; ecological crises and economic development models creativity training in school, as preparation for the new globalized world." • 12/16/2014

Howard Zinn Explains Barack Obama . . . And Everything Else About American Politics

If this has been posted recently, it's worth repeating. It is an installment from Michael Moore's TV show from 1999-2000. That's fifteen freakin years ago! Just in case anyone might be thinking that ...

Daily Kos • 6/16/2011

Work Begins On Cannabis Policy Reform Paper

“The CRC members bring experience in sustainable development, law, corrections, activism, public policy, research, statistics, and drug counseling to examine the history and impact of cannabis policies. “The CRC looks forward to engaging with members ...

Bernews • 12/29/2013

Confessions of a Book Pirate

The initial file costs x dollars to create, but you can make a million copies of that file for no cost. Therefore, it is hard to assign a specific value to a digital copy of a work except as it relates to lost sales ... it seems very simple, but to ...

The Millions • 1/25/2010