8th Annual Pricing and Reimbursement conference

8th Annual Pricing and Reimbursement Conference

Develop and leverage value-enhancing pricing and reimbursement strategies

11th - 12th June 2009, Philadelphia, USA

 Background Info

"The global pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement environment is notoriously complex and continuously changing. Pharma companies must implement strategic pricing assessments across global markets and product lifecycle phases in order to develop effective pricing policies." (Source: Business Insights)

Pharmaceutical companies are facing challenges in the present economic climate. An effective pricing strategy is vital in implementation of assessments of cost effectiveness.

Visiongain's 8th Annual Pricing and Reimbursement conference is aimed at providing you with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the healthcare market dynamics and P&R environment and create an effective price policy. This 2 day event will help you achieve competitive advantage in current pricing and reimbursement environment.

Why Attend?
• Share and discuss the key global pricing and reimbursement approaches
• Learn about the current global pharmaceutical market
• Analyse the future pricing trends in US
• Gain insight into the role of health economics in pricing
• Design innovative P&R strategies for biopharmaceuticals
• Stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in pricing and reimbursement
• Seize this opportunity to network with leaders from pharma-biotech, healthcare and regulatory agencies
• Make the most profitable decisions

Key Speakers
• Samir K.Bhattacharyya, Senior Director Global Marketing Home Hemodialysis Therapy, Baxter Healthcare
• Alina Ciobanu, Manager, Health Economics & Patient Access, Astrazeneca
• Dr. Elyce A. Biddle, Senior Research Economist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, U.S Govt.
• Robert Humenick, Head Pricing and Reimbursement, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
• Dee Woodhull, CIH, CSP Senior Consultant, ORC Worldwide
• Kevin Mayo, Vice President, Bridgehead, Professor, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
• Dr. Nick Poulios, VP-Pricing & Reimbursement Strategy, Patient Access & Public Policy, Elan Pharmaceuticals
• Todd Evans, Director, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
• Dr. Eugene Mick Kolassa, CEO & Managing Partner, Medical Marketing Economics, LLC
• W. Neil Palmer, Vice President, Pricing & Reimbursement, RTI Health Solutions
• Christian Schuler, Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners
• Adam L. Sohn, Principal, Pricing & Market Access, IMS Consulting
• William Haddad, CEO, Biogenerics
• George Wyatt, Managing Director, Wyatt Health Management
• Sanjay Bajpai, President, Institute of Pharmaceutical Management
• Cyrus Chowdhury, Management Consultant, Insight Strategy Advisors

Who should attend?
VPs, Directors, Heads and Managers of:
• Pricing and Reimbursement
• Strategic Pricing
• Price Monitoring
• Reimbursement & Market Access
• Research and Development
• Health Economics
• Commercial Pricing
• Economics and Government Affairs
• International Trade and Market Policy
• Parallel Trade
• Business Strategy
• Sales & Marketing
• Corporate Strategy
• Regulatory Affairs
• Outcomes Research
• Contracts
• Legal
• Health Policy Advisors



 Day 1

Day 1, Thursday 11th June 2009

09:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening address from the chair

Dr. Eugene Mick Kolassa
CEO & Managing Partner
Medical Marketing Economics, LLC

10:10 Identifying and overcoming the limitations of current approaches to pharmaceutical pricing
• Why basic economic assumptions and models don’t apply to pharmaceutical markets
• Why many pricing research approaches either ask the wrong questions or lead respondents to the wrong answers
• Why failure to develop true pricing strategies always leaves money on the table
• Why a lack of policies leads to bad pricing
• Why failing to understand value is the number one pricing mistake
• How to bring some pricing discipline and pricing power to your firms

Dr. Eugene Mick Kolassa
CEO & Managing Partner
Medical Marketing Economics, LLC

10:50 How to develop an effective pricing and reimbursement strategy?
• What is an effective strategy? What should the goals be for any strategy?
• The development process and how to maximise value from the outset: the lessons of strategic pricing assessments
• How to stand out from the crowd and develop genuinely innovative P&R strategies

Sanjay Bajpai
Institute of Pharmaceutical Management

11:30 Morning refreshments

11:50 Latest innovations in pricing and reimbursement
• Assessing approaches to innovation in the realm of P&R
• The importance of price optimization and individually tailored pricing
• Innovative pricing strategies

Robert Humenick
Head Pricing and Reimbursement
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

12:30 The future of strategic pricing for pharma

Todd Evans

13:10 Networking lunch

14:30 Assessment of EU market growth of private healthcare vs public
• Where is the trend line heading? Are traditional levels of public healthcare provision sustainable?
• What is the landscape for private healthcare provision in Europe?
• Increasing private provision of healthcare will involve addressing traditional ideological concerns, making private healthcare more attractive and driving accountability of public healthcare providers

15:10 Comparing the European/US/Canada P&R and HE&OR systems
• What are the similarities between the systems and is there a trend to harmonization?
• What are the crucial differences and which system is most effective?
• What are the implications of developing trends in different P&R systems?

W. Neil Palmer
Vice President, Pricing & Reimbursement
RTI Health Solutions

15:50 Afternoon refreshments

16:10 China: Portfolio, Pricing & Market Access
• Portfolio optimization: Multinational Acclimation
• Pricing: Draconian Dragons
• Market Access: Guanxi Reimbursement

Cyrus Chowdhury
Management Consultant
Insight Strategy Advisors

16:50 Analyzing the future pricing trends in US
• Obamamania, will it effect the development of the P&R system in the US
• Cost-effectiveness in assessing pharma products, will the US adopt such a system in line with spiralling healthcare costs
• Will the US continue to be a lucrative country for headline pricing trends, where next?
Panel members will be drawn from the speakers who take part on day one or day two. If you would like to submit a question to the panel, please email it to:

17:30 Closing remarks from the chair

17:35 Networking drinks reception
Take your discussions further and build new relationships in a relaxed and informal setting



Day 2

Day 2, Friday 12th June 2009

09:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening address from the chair

Dr. Elyce A. Biddle
Senior Research Economist
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, U.S Govt.

10:10 How to maximize return on investment?
• All about ROI: 
- What metrics are appropriate?
- How do you actually analyse your ROI?
• How do you ensure that your P&R strategy is genuinely and consistently creating value?
• How will broader market and policy changes affect the measurement of ROI?

George Wyatt
Managing Director
Wyatt Health Management

10:50 Presentation to be announced

Alina Ciobanu
Manager, Health Economics & Patient Access

11:30 Morning refreshments

11:50 Strategy to implementation: Patients receive treatment choice
• Show how health economics was used to increase reimbursement for therapy access
• Demonstrate the need for collaboration between and within organizations for achieving target results
• Discuss importance of communication strategy and execution plays a significant role in healthcare policy changes

Samir K. Bhattacharyya
Senior Director Global Marketing Home Hemodialysis Therapy
Baxter Healthcare

12:30 Assessment of trends in generic pricing in US
• Pricing methods for generic medicines, what is the state of the art?
• Countering generic medicines pricing; tools and tactics
• Trends in generic pricing specific to the US, in what direction is this going?

William Haddad

13:10 Networking lunch

14:10 Key global pricing and reimbursement approaches
• Making a global play: is there a P&R strategy that is effective everywhere?
• Can the development of a globally-focused strategy actually contribute to P&R harmonisation?
• The importance of the product and evolving product trends to the feasibility of a global strategy

Adam L. Sohn
Principal, Pricing & Market Access
IMS Consulting

14:40 Measuring the value of reducing the risk of occupational injury or illness on the firm
• Reducing or eliminating hazards to protect employees can reduce costs and increase production
• Value is found by reducing costs and increasing production, as well as accomplishing other business objectives
• The specific financial benefits of reducing risk may be found throughout a business process, and can be substantial
• Risk reduction may enable the achievement of non-financial benefits that have an indirect relationship to cost and production

Dr. Elyce A. Biddle
Senior Research Economist
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, U.S Govt.

Dee Woodhull
CIH, CSP Senior Consultant
ORC Worldwide

15:20 Pricing & reimbursement and market access strategies for new oncology products
• Current global pricing & reimbursement landscape for new oncologic agents
• Future trends and challenges in P&R for oncology products
• Lifecycle P&R issues associated with oncology drugs
• Developing successful international P&R strategies for oncologic agents
• Risk-sharing for pharmaceuticals in the US and EU

Christian Schuler
Simon-Kucher & Partners

16:00 Afternoon refreshments

16:20 The ultimate patient access: keeping the patient off the illness curve

Dr. Nick Poulios
VP-Pricing & Reimbursement Strategy, Patient Access & Public Policy
Elan Pharmaceuticals

17:00 Health Economics and its contribution to effective and sustainable P&R strategies
• The ever more important contribution of Health economics and Outcomes research as a key component of P&R strategies
• Taking the lead on health economics to get ahead of restrictive regulation and regional idiosyncrasies
• Expected evolution or maybe the revolution offered by health economics and outcomes research, a critical assessment

Kevin W. Mayo
Vice President
Professor for Mayes College of HealthCare Business and Policy (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia)

17:30 Chair’s closing remarks

17:40 End of conference

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