Making Sense of Preschoolers: Online Six-Week Course

Register now for the special online Six-Week course, "Making Sense of Preschoolers" presented by Transformative Parenting. Participants will be able to see and hear the presenter live on the internet, view the slide presentation,  and even type in questions and comments.

The preschool years are some of the most fascinating and wonderful years of our children9s lives. They can also be some of the most difficult for parents. Understanding the much misunderstood concept of attachment can help us to find the answers and the confidence we need. 

Many people think attachment is limited to nursing our babies, carrying them, and maybe even co-sleeping. While this early childhood physical part of attachment is very important, it is only the beginning. 

This course is based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld ("Hold On to Your Kids") and is taught by Todd Sarner, MA, the Co-Director of Transformative Parenting. Todd is a Neufeld-. Some of the topics we will address in this course include:


  • How to help your child deal with separation problems (including problems with sleep)

  • Why a preschooler wants to say "NO" all the time (and how to get them to work with you)

  • How rituals and compassionate limit setting can help avoid parental burnout (and make your child feel safe at the same time)

  • Why separation based discipline (like Time Outs and 1-2-3 Magic) can actually backfire and how to use discipline that doesn9t harm your relationship
  • Why it9s critically important to let children have their tears (and how tears actually assist in your preschoolers9 development)

  • How to handle the problems that can occur between siblings (including multiples)

  • The importance of providing more contact & closeness to your child than they ask for (before they ask for it)

  • How to tune in to your child9s own specific needs and sensitivities

  • And much more. 

In addition to the weekly 2-hour class, participants will have access to a private online website where they can participate in discussion, ask questions, and download class materials. 

Attendance is very limited, register today! This is a special price for our first online version of this class.

The group will be meeting for six Mondays, 12noon-2pm. Attendees should plan on attending each week. The dates are:

November 5, 12, 19, 26. December 3, 10.

**This course does not require any special technical knowledge or expertise with the internet. You do, however, need a HIGH SPEED internet connection and an internet browser. After registering, you will receive instructions on how to connect to this class.

***You can participate in this course from anywhere in the world. The start time each week is 12noon Pacific Time. To find out what time the course is in your time zone, go to: 


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Individual Ended $179

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