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PREACH is a troupe that showcases performance talent in absolutely all forms and showcases it for the whole world to see. 


 Our CEO and founding father, Mr. Preach himself, had a vision of mining fresh, raw talent in all corners, like gold diggers, here in the golden state. Experimental forms of dance, unconventional stand-up and music that's fresh and real... 'cause it's fresh off the street and not pulled out of a recording studio. And putting it all together in a showcase thatll be appreciated by all who can.



In nature, when a creature is less than genetically perfect in all regards--less than exemplary--that being is the first to be prey. Natural selection. Anything less is the first to be wiped out.


That's the way it's been for eons in our world, our society, our culture. It's sad that the world is this way. But it is? Because of God's way... or ours? But all living things evolve, the world changes, people hopefully do... and people who have been dealt a bad hand manage to play it in ways many might not even expect.


We at the proud illustrious ranks of Preach Tubb, Teamwork and Events are presenting not only one of the finest, freshest and funkiest comedy shows in some time, but a truly innovative concept for a stand-up show... the disabled, the handicapped. Who's overcompensating sense and talent is their wicked funny bone. Their mad comic bent.


Our Commander-In-Chief Preach Tubb himself was scouting comic talent and happened to find himself comic talent that was not only raw and powerful... but some of the more talented people he came across... and they were disabled. Handicapped. To some such extent. And these people were like the Miracle Worker. They weren't all blind, deaf and dumb. But they were damn well talented. They all had an angry burning passion to overcome the short, the slight that God Himself gave them.



Some untouchable ultra-talented disabled people up in this comedy tour: OK, Dude and The Insane Wayne.


   But them aren't just handicapped. They're handicapable.


  OK is brilliant due to an unnaturally oversized brain swell, the Insane is the traditional mad crackpot in a wheelchair... and the Dude is too messed-up to be even one of Jerry's kids.

 The OK is more than just OK. He's a powerhouse brother with a prominent stage presence who dominates every single moment he's on the stage. Tall, dark and intimating, he stands at a whopping 6'5" and has a voice that sounds deep, yet compassionate. O.K. has performed at numerous night-clubs, CD and DVD projects, has written stand-up material for several comedians and is now looking forword to this event as it may be the one that will makes him famous. OK himself has said, "Fame is not really what I look for. It's what looks for me."


  Hulking and powerful, when he opens his jaws in big crowds, he has a fire-breathing way at the mike like Godzilla. He might turn the place into a towering inferno. And he rules the stage like King Kong. Just watch those flashbulbs. This man is deadly.


 The Insane wayne and the Mainframe is a high roller, big baller, shot-caller--the man is doing all his high rolling from a wheelchair.  He's stretching it all from the head. The man can't jump-- but he can bring the rap harder the O.J. and the ghosts of Biggie and 2Pac. He himself performed with the likes of Bruce-Bruce, Katt Williams, Christopher Reid, D.L. Hughley and many other heavy-hitters in the business, many big-league comedy  including BET Comic-View and the All-Star Comedy Jam in Oakland. And the Insane wayne himself was winner of 2011 Black Urban Bay Area Comedy Competition and The San Francisco Juneteenth Festival in 2011.  For confrimation the man has skills, here's some of his work--here, the Ironside does what he does best:



 The DUDE himself is a maverick-and-master of many different trades. A comedian who's performed many different venues--clubs, theatrical performances. Much of his writings have been published all over. He's also been an MC and a DJ for the fine organization of PREACH, T.W.A.E. Many who've met him find him to be the craziest and most-talented they've ever come across and may ever. PREACH himself called him, "One Hell of a talent. The most versatile and passionate artist I have ever known. This kid here, he's gonna make us all famous."


Us, we don't want to just overcome handicap. We want to celebrate it. This is a joyous occasion that we wish to bring the message of hope to. Many of feel that we're answering to a higher calling. This isn't just a bunch of talents trying to make it. This isn't just some people trying to find fame and fortune. This is a mission. We're here for a reason.

 This October 14th, at the DoubleTree By Hilton in American Canyon, California--these passionate men are going to not only take a stab at fame, at immortality. They're going to do something for all mankind. For humanity in general. Not only for those likewise handicapped, but to illuminate all of existance. This is a wake-up call to the whole wide world... and maybe beyond. And a filming crew will be there to capture everything. Why? Because it's nessicary. They have to. This great event will not only be seen by all these fortunate ticket-holders wise enough to put their money down here. But also will be documented on film and released on DVD... so the world will know the story.


They will be heard. Will you listen? Be there for the moment, where history is made... and written?


3600 Broadway St. American Canyon, C.A. 94503  


Comedy Show Running Time Is 90 Minutes

Door Open At 7:00 p.m.

Show Starting Time Is 8:00 p.m.

Show Ending Time Is 9:30 p.m.



Friday October 14, 2011

O.K. Is Hosting The Event

Comedian Lining Up To Host the Event is O.K., 10 Minutes On Stage! 

Insane Wayne, 25 Minutes On Stage!

Back To The Stage Host O.K. for another good 10 Minutes On Stage!

Headling Is Dude 40 Minutes On Stage!

King of Tourette's Comedy Is Breaking Free With The Good Word Of Disabled!

Host O.K. 5 Minutes Back To The Stage

(R.I.P Professor Garnet Byrd--The Late Comedian)


  The Show Time Is: 8:00pm To 9:30pm


Friday OCTOBER 14,2011




Tel: 1-707-674-2100   

Pets and children are prohibited. Smoking is not allowed

anywhere on the premises.


TO CONTACT PREACH, Teamwork and Events: 



Or  web site page


Tickets are available right here on eventbrite for sale.

General Admission-- $35.00 


DoubleTree By Hilton

3600 Broadway st. American Canyon, CA 94503

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