Practice Momentum - Growing A Professional Complementary Practice

Bournemouth, Dorset 
16th January, 20th February and 27th March 2010

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Have you just started out as a complementary practitioner, and you're wondering how to build a practice that provides a decent income? Or have you been in practice for a while, and you're wondering why you're not achieving the success you desire? Are you frustrated, knowing that you have it in you to help many, many more clients?

If so then allow us to take just three days of your life to teach you the skills you need to build a profitable, professional practice.


Yes it’s true. We speak every day to practitioners of TFT, Reiki, Bowen Technique, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique, Aromatherapy, Quantum Touch, and many other ‘touch’ therapies. People with a real gift for helping others. People who have invested their time and their money to learn these skills and develop their abilities. And we hear the same thing back from them over and over again:

  • “I’ve been doing this for 3 years, but I just can’t make it work. I’m going to have to go back to my old job.

  • “I’d like more clients, but there’s just so many other practitioners out there.”

  • “£30 (or even £20!) is the going rate. I can’t charge more than that. I daren’t charge more than that.”

  • I just don’t feel right charging more for this. I’ve been given this gift and I have to share it.”

If you’ve ever said any of those things to yourself, then you know what I mean.

Of course, these days a lot of people are also blaming the economy...

  • “Times are hard.”

  • “People can’t afford to spend as much on therapy as they used to.”

  • “Everybody’s struggling.”

So how come we heard the same things when times were good? How come the same people were struggling when clients had lots of money to spend on therapy?

The credit crunch is a great excuse for not facing up to their real fears.

So, let me start by floating something past you (this is Rob speaking, by the way)...


“Just Because It’s A Gift Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Deserve To Be Rewarded For Having It


Healing HandsIt’s true.

You have the power in your hands (quite literally) to help so many people. And that has value. REAL value.

How much is it worth to someone to let go of chronic pain?

How much is it worth to them to be able to do all the things they used to be able to do when they were younger?

How much is it worth to them just to enjoy life and not be worn down day after day by aches?

It’s priceless! They would pay whatever you ask.



“You Have To Ask!”


If I have a problem with a leaky tap, I call a plumber. He charges me for the work, and I’m happy to pay because he’s solved my problem. If I take my shoes to be mended, I know I’m going to have to pay, and I’m happy to pay because my problem is gone.

Your clients are just the same. They come to you with a problem, and they are happy to pay you to get rid of it for them.

You just have to ask!


In fact...

If You Don’t Ask, There’s A Good Chance
You’re Going To WASTE Your Gift!


burnoutWhat do I mean by that?

I mean that if you’re not getting rewarded for using your skills, then either you’re going to need to keep doing a ‘day job’, probably one that’s nowhere near as fulfilling as your therapy work, or one day you’ll get disillusioned, you’ll burn-out and you’ll go back to that old job full time. And you’ll turn your back on your ability.

And whether you’re only practicing part-time, or you give up altogether, you’re not helping all the people you could help.

That’s not doing ANYBODY any favours. It’s not doing you a favour. And it’s not doing the clients who miss out on your help any favours.

You’re just ***squandering*** the gift you have because you’re afraid to make money from it. Or you just don’t know how.

And the saddest part is: if you don’t charge what you’re worth, people will assume you’re worth what you charge.


After all...

“What Do We Call Someone Who Doesn’t Get Paid Very Much For What They Do?”


We call them hobbyists. AMATEURS.

I’ll give you an extreme example. A friend of mine called me up to ask how much she should charge for coaching. She’d been to talk to a company – her first corporate client – and when they asked her rate she said what sounded like an astronomical figure... £500.

The HR director looked at her, raised her nose in the air and said “oh, you’re just a £500 a day girl are you?”

She didn’t get the business. She thought that charging less would get the work, she didn’t want to appear too expensive. But pricing herself too low put the client off.

Or take the example of a therapist, maybe closer to home for you. He practices Reiki. He started off charging £30 a session. When he qualified as a Reiki Master he raised his price to £50. But someone told him that was too much. So he went down to £40. Someone else told him that was too much. So he went down to £30 again. And STILL people told him it was too much. Suddenly, there he was, better qualified than before, and he was going to have to charge less!

Well, not any more. By learning how to manage his practice – and himself – better, these days his practice is very different.


“He Charges £100 Or More For Reiki,
And He Has A Stream Of Clients Happy To Pay
Whatever He’s Asking!


paying gladly

And he’s able to serve his clients better, as well as taking care of himself as a person and as a therapist. 12 months ago he would have happily given up and gone back to his old desk job. And he had the perfect excuse. No-one would have blamed him for seeking out security in the midst of the credit crunch. No-one would have blamed him for becoming just another victim of the economy.>

But what a waste that would have been!



And I know how he felt because I’ve been there too.


“I Went From Almost Bankrupt And Paying The Mortgage On Credit Cards To Billing £14,218 Every Month In Less Than A Year”


Back in 2002 I was full of dreams and hopes. I gave up a £70,000-a-year – but ultimately unfulfilling – job to “help people”. I knew that what I had to offer could benefit “ANYONE”. So all I had to do was set up my practice, tell a few people I was there, and the world would beat a path to my door. Right?


For 3 years I held on to the dream.

For 3 years I lived off loans, credit and remortgages.

For 3 years pretty much no-one came.

And then, just about the time the cash was finally running out, and I was scouring the job pages again, I had my epiphany. It was early 2005, and I finally had enough. And boy did I let the Universe KNOW I’d had enough!

For a whole day I had a rant at the world, at God, at fate, at anyone who’d ever crossed my path. I paced up and down the living room, raging at anything and everything. But especially at myself.

And then I sat down and I started to think calmly about all the skills I’d amassed. There were the helping skills – coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, even Reiki (and no, before you ask, I wasn’t talking about myself earlier on!). And then – and I’m ashamed to admit it – there were the business skills I hadn’t been putting into action. I had an MBA for Pete’s sake! I’d been a management consultant working with some of the biggest companies in the world!

I KNEW how to build a business!

I just hadn’t put the two sides together.

That day – January 6th 2005 as it happens – marked the turning point. It was the day I stopped “trying to be a coach” and started building a business.

And that’s what I’d like to share with you: How to build your business, and help others while you do it.

So imagine that you could stop “trying to be a therapist”, and start building a therapy business.



My car“What Would You Do With
Just £50k-£60k More Income Every Year?”

What would that kind of money mean to you?

What would it mean to your family?my second home

Most therapists in the UK make less than £20,000 a year. Some of them gave up jobs where they worked fewer hours and earned more than that, but they weren’t fulfilled.

So they tell themselves “it’s not work when you’re doing what you love” and “every new business takes a few years to start making money” and, of course, “it’s not all about the money, it’s about helping people”.

You can keep making excuses for why you haven’t made it yet, or you can get off your backside and do something about it.

Holidaying in the tropicsSo what would it be like if instead of struggling to even make £20k, you were easily earning £70k, or £80k, or even more. What if you didn’t have to work any harder to do it? What if you could even work LESS?!?!

What would you do with the extra cash and time?

What car would you drive?

Where would you live?

What holidays would you take?

Vegas baby!What new skills would you learn?

What charities would you give to?

How many more people could you help?

What’s the one thing you’ve always said to yourself you would buy or do when you finally had the cash?







“Have The Practice And Life You Want NOW”


Leading business coach and marketer, Rob Cuesta and renowned TFT practitioner and trainer Ildiko Scurr have teamed up to bring you “Practice Momentum”. We’d like to share with you everything we know about how to

  • Run your practice as an efficient, successful business

  • Enjoy increased profits with less work and less stress

  • Have a more satisfying personal and professional life

Wherever you are in building your practice – whether you’re just starting out and you’re overwhelmed by everything that’s involved in running your own business, or you’ve been practicing for years and you’re just not feeling rewarded for all your hard work – we want to help you to be more successful

So what are we going to tell you?

  • The Seven BIG Mistakes that complementary practitioners are making that are keeping you POOR. And seven BIG answers to get you back on track

  • Simple techniques to get 20 new clients now. When you hear them, you'll realise these are so simple you'll be slapping yourself silly for not doing them before

  • Who your REAL competition is, and why you ignore them at your peril

  • What you're really selling - it's not what most practitioners think it is - and how to get your clients to want it!

  • How to design a simple process that leads people who are curious about what you do all the way through to paying you money

  • Where your attention needs to be to GROW your business, and why 99% of businesses are focusing on the wrong thing

  • How to break through the barriers and limitations that have been holding you back from manifesting real wealth and success in your life

  • A simple technique to keep your motivation going, even when nothing seems to be going to plan

  • The six things you absolutely must do to structure your life and business goals so that you WILL achieve them

  • How to communicate your real value to the world and finally get paid what you’re worth

  • How to turn your solo therapy practice into a sustainable business that generates money even whileyou sleep


So how much is this all going to cost you?


It costs less than you think

The biggest cost is...

Three days of your time

(and £497 £247+VAT)


Imagine if just £247+VAT could give you the skills to create £50,000 of new business in the next twelve months. Wouldn't that be the best money you ever spent?

Imagine if it could help you transform the lives of countless new clients who would never hear about you if you keep on running your practice the way you have been.

Wouldn't that be worth just 3 days of your time?


The next series of Practice Momentum workshops starts on 16th January 2010 in Bournemouth, with the second workshop on 20th February 2010 and the third on 27th March 2010.

Places are limited so book now to make sure you don't miss out
(and to make sure your competitors don't book it instead!)

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