PR 2.0: Master Practical Tools for Digital Success



This is where Social Networks, Traditional Media and Technology Come Together

For :



Advertising Professionals

News Distribution Specialists


Human Resources Recruiters

Bloggers and Micro-Bloggers

PR and Media Managers

NGO/NPO Leaders

And anyone who wants or needs:

-Digital skills that will increase web presence,

-Enhanced reputation management tools,

-Increased ability to brand online

-Increased sales

-Increased Targeted Web Traffic

-Knowledge of New Platforms for News Distribution

Culture Fish Media will hold this workshop in 4 Greater China Cities:

■ Beijing ■ Shanghai ■ Guangzhou ■ Hong KongEach workshop will be for a full day.

The workshop program includes classroom teaching and and active group participation. Resources will be provided for follow-up study.

Workshop facilitators are:

■ Lonnie B. Hodge, MA, MFA (Writing), PhD; CEO, Culture Fish Media; Blogger; National Endowment for the Arts Fellow in Writing; Professor of English and Psychology; Author of numerous Books, Chapbooks, Produced Plays and hundred of Articles in Trade and Literary Publications; Task Force Delta Think Tank Member for Army War College; China Speakers Bureau Member; Asian Creative Skills Training Council Member; Consultant for Coleman Group and Standard and Poor....

■ Des Walsh, Social Media Consultant and CultureFish Media Associate; International Speaker and Social Media Consultant; CEO of the communications consultancy he founded, The Webarts Company; Director in the Policy Branch of the Australian Schools Commission, with specific responsibility as Executive office for national programs in Education and the Arts, Innovation Projects and Educational Evaluation; Assistant Director, Cultural Activities, New South Wales Premier’s Department; National Program Coordinator for the Australian Bicentenary; Executive Officer, New South Wales Bicentennial Program; Director, Information and Education for the Federal Government’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission; Foundation Member of the Asian Creative Skills Training Council...


In this intensive, one day workshop (7.5 hours including breaks), participants will be provided with an overview of current resources and opportunities for news dissemination and public relations campaigns, under the broad heading of "the digital /social media release".

The facilitators will provide a "helicopter view" of the terrain, both in China and internationally, and then lead the group in:

■ examination of current practice, available resources and opportunities for more effective use of the resources

■ an intensive group exercise to produce an "ideal" digital/Social media release

■ group review of how effective the release is likely to be and lessons learned.Participants will then be provided with an online tour of resources and examples of digital media releases, followed by an open Q&A session. The day will conclude with a wrap-up by the facilitators.All participants will be provided with resource documentation,including links to a wide range of helpful online resources for further study and skill development.


Why relying just on 20th century, traditional media release needs 21st century, digitally networkedalteration as the environment has changed expectations and processes for news and PR dissemination.



Rich possibilities of a digital/social release for getting story out and found and the hidden power and value to your online properties.

■ more channels of distribution

■ consumers determining how they will access news

■ more findable via Baidu, Google etc-


-some search wisdom from Professor HodgeYou may have a great story but if the netizens cannot find you, what use is that?


■Social Media and the Social Media Release -

■ social media overview - Facebook,, Digg, Stumbleupon, MySpace, Xiaonei, Tao Tao and others■ social media enablers and risk factors

■ employing social media to expand your reach and get greater consumer buy-in

■ How to succeed as a player - social media not a spectator sport

■ Social Media Release, what is it and what does one look like?


■ List resources available online

■ Demonstration of how to create a digital/social media release



Intensive Group Project

■ Facilitated exercise in group development of a digital release, using online newswire resources

■ Form two groups, each facilitated by one of the presenters

■ Collaborate to produce a digital release by the whole group

■ Group review and learning from the exercise

■ List takeaway learnings


This section will include a tour of helpful websites and blogs and a critique of participants/competitor9s sites if requested..

Other live presentation sites:


Hong Kong:






Name Sales End Price Fee
Regular Admission Ended $2500 $62.5

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