Skills, Strategies & Super Powers for the 21st Century Woman

How to have less stress and more success without having to 'do' anything Hooray!


As a 21st century woman we now have the power to do anything! The problem is that now, we feel pressured to do EVERYTHING... perfectly, right now and all at the same time. From super career woman to super mom to the fittest body and the best wife/friend/daughter... we have access to so much more than previous generations, but nothing has moved off our plate, and that means we needs new skills and strategies (and super powers).


Join Christine Arylo, inspirational catalyst for women, a recovering achievement junkie and "doing" addict herself, who will help you get beyond chasing balance, finding time for yourself, and doing it all for everyone else, to creating harmony, taking care of yourself and accessing the super powers you have been under utilizing for way too long. With wit, soul and personal yet frank stories, Arylo will give you:

  • - Insights into how your inner achievement junkie and doing addict is running your life -- and what to do get her under control
  • - Tips for getting rid of the behaviors that are self-sabotaging your success
  • - New strategies and super powers that you can use immediately to have more by doing less


If you are a smart, motivated 21st century woman who wants to feel successful and be happy without having to exhaust herself to do it, you won't want to miss this event.


Location is at Hotel Frank
in the F Room, on the mezzanine
386 Geary Street at Mason 

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