Power to Parent- Marin PM- January 2008

THIS COURSE IS SOLD OUT! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. We will be starting a new Power to Parent I Course in March 2008. Check www.transformativeparenting.com for details soon! You can call (415)289-6515 if you are still interested in this course, there may be a cancellation.


"I REALLY got so much out of the course you lead. I have been parenting differently because of it. As a result, my relationship with my 4 year old has blossomed into a wonderful, loving, respectful and peaceful union." - Jennifer Lehr Pearce, Kentfield

As parents, there is nothing more important to us than our relationships with our children. Unfortunately, much of the cultural support around parenting has disappeared and many moms and dads are overwhelmed and confused as to how best to do their job. Too often, parents today take their cues according to what others are doing rather than what feels right to them. As a result we find a culture in which parents are using contrived methods and looking to countless experts to figure out what to do. Often these methods actually encourage us to use our relationship with our children against them or to use the things they care about most as leverage to make them do what we want.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is an internationally recognized developmental psychologist and bestselling author of Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers.  Based on his 30 years of research and experience, his “Power to Parent” course teaches us that it is not what we do but who we are to our children that is most important.

"Dr. Neufeld9s approach has the power to change, if not save, our children9s lives." - National Post

This course will be taught by Todd Sarner, MA, Co-Director of Transformative Parenting in Mill Valley and one of Dr. Neufeld9s most trusted students. Todd has worked for several years with children, teens, and adults and is on the faculty of the Neufeld Institute.

"After attending the “Power to Parent” course, I can declare myself, without any hesitation, an entirely renewed parent. I see through a different lens today than that which I used to see my children and their behaviors prior to Power-to-Parent."   - Polly Ely, Kentfield

Some topics addressed include:

*How to use discipline that doesn’t harm your relationship.

*Addressing separation problems- the root of most difficulties.

*Raising children that are capable of deep & fulfilling relationships.

*When kids seek to dominate (instead of depend on) their parents.

*Preventing being replaced by peers or other competing attachments.

*How to best deal with defiance and oppositionality.

*Understanding and addressing the roots of aggression.

*And much, much more

Participants will take part in a 2.5 hour intro class on January 23rd from 7-9:30pm. Then the class will take place on the following SIX Wednesday nights from 7-9pm in Corte Madera from January 30-March 5th. Coffee and tea will be served.

(Dates- January 23 7-9:30pm + January 30. February 6, 13, 20, 27. March 5)

*There will be other options for the 2.5 hour intro class, including an online option and a Saturday morning option. Details soon.

The cost of this course, including materials, is $249 ($349 for couples). There is some financial assistance available, please e-mail us for details.

For more details about the Power to Parent class, click HERE to read our article, "How the Power to Parent Course Can Transform Your Relationship With (and the Behavior of) Your Child".

This event is sponsored by Transformative Parenting, a Marin-based Parent Coaching & Consulting organization. 





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Individual Ended $249
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