Sales Prospecting and Cold Calling: Sandler Power Prospecting Webinar. Learn the sales prospecting and cold calling secrets the pros use.

You’ve heard the buzz, and what they’re saying about my Power Sales Prospecting and Fearless Cold Calling now here’s the real story...


Give me 4 hours and i'll teach you the cold calling and prospecting secrets that have taken me 5 years to learn!

February 23rd, 2009

The economy’s in the toilet, prospects aren’t spending money and yet YOU still have to put numbers on the board. Right?

Let’s face it, if you don’t produce you don’t make money or worse yet you won’t have a job.[image]


Dear Friend,


If you’re a “boiler room” pro who get’s pumped by making 200 dials a day then this workshop is NOT for you.

However, if you are a decent, hardworking business owner, entrepreneur or salesperson who needs to sell in order to provide for yourself or your loved ones. Then READ EVERYTHING in this letter to learn the whole story... don’t skip a thing.


Scott Metcalfe

Workshop Date:Thursday March 12

Workshop Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Location: This is a WEBINAR! No need to Travel!

FACT: Prospecting is the lifeblood of sales. In a recession effective prospecting can mean the difference between thriving and not surviving.


So here’s the story if you are one of the few who haven’t heard it already. 


3 years ago I set out to develop a prospecting workshop that would deliver proven prospecting results to NORMAL, hardworking business people, folks just like you, so Prospecting Factsthat they could not just survive, but THRIVE in the down-trending economy.

I figured that if I could transfer my prospecting mastery to others, (for crying out loud, I'm a Chemical Engineer by training!) they too could enjoy the same feeling of success as me.  Makes sense, right?

The Mission of My Early Workshops was Simple: 

  1. Get people the skills to take control of their selling future.

  2. Teach them how to make cold calls fun and effective.

  3. Show them how to leave voicemails that get return phone calls.

  4. Reveal how to turn gate keepers from "foe" to "friend"

  5. Demonstrate more than 2 dozen ways to generate interest and fill their pipelines with more productive prospects.

Well, I delivered on my mission big time and these early students have been whooping their competition ever since using the unfair advantages they learned.


But don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials (I wish I had room to print them all here) and see and hear for yourself what these students have to say.

After attending Scott's workshop and implementing the tactics on getting people to return voice mails, I noticed immediate results...3 returned calls from contacts that I had left countless messages for in the past. Thanks for helping and I look forward to ongoing success from your programs!

Brian Cohrs, Platinum Graphics Sales


OK, Before We Go Forward We Need to Set The Record Straight On One Thing.  

Many of the attendees, even those who gave glowing testimonials, also shared with me that I simply delivered too much material in the 4 hour workshop.

They couldn’t process it all! Well, we’ve solved that problem by adding follow-up coaching sessions as you’ll see later on.




So Now That You Know the Whole Story... 

The Question is: Are You Ready to ignite YOUR Performance?  

If You Answered YES, Here’s exactly what you will learn in my filled to the brim, two-part sales prospecting workshop.

"The prospecting and cold calling workshop has had an immediate impact on the way I schedule my cold calls, given me a renewed attitude of enthusiasm for prospecting and a network of others to contact for brainstorming and experience sharing. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who doubts the power and profitability of cold calling and prospecting."

Christine Zahuranec, Serenity Packaging  

Part 1: Secret Cold Call Techniques and Strategies That Produce Results.   And the best part is you won’t have to sell your soul to the devil or be afraid to look yourself in the mirror!

$ - Exactly how to open your cold-call to instantly create a conversation.

$ - How most salespeople structure their phone calls and why you SHOULD NEVER use this approach yourself.

$ - What the buyer’s system is and why you need to neutralize it immediately.

$ - The most important part of your phone call. HINT it has NOTHING to do with the words in y0ur script.

$ - How to organize your call campaigns for maximum effectiveness. This simple trick of the pro’s will get you in the groove faster and make you more productive.

$ - Why you want your first phone call to go straight to voicemail.

$ - What words to avoid... and what words to use that WILL GET YOUR MESSAGE TO STICK LIKE LINT ON BLACK VELVET!

$ - 3 killer script blue prints that deliver results no matter what your market.

$ - 5 ways to get past those %#@ D@$$ gate keepers.

$ - What “Send me literature” really means and exactly what to say to turn this from a dead end into an opportunity.

$ - Powerful ways to continue prospect conversations so you don’t keep making the same, lame, “I’m just checking in” phone call.

$ - How to leave voicemail messages that GET RETURNED!

Creating and Maintaining a Winning Attitude

$ - How to recognize call reluctance.

$ - Powerful self-talk that will get your phone game on track and keep it there.

$ - How to self-manage your phone-call expectations.

$ - The single paradigm shift you MUST accomplish surrounding your calling efforts. Hint: By reframing “success” in this almost magical way your attitude will dramatically improve.

$ - Why you must understand “OKness” and how to use it to create empathy and emotional connection.

$ - What “scripty behavior” is and how to neutralize it.

$ - What the Success Triangle is and why you’re probably focusing on the WRONG end of your selling problems.

$ - Last but not least I’ll give you a proven psychological technique you can apply to return your optimistic attitude. I’ll teach you the technique and point you to the entire MUST read book.


"This was an excellent course.  Ite addressed all my concerns about cold calling and overcoming the obstacles to getting to the decision maker.  And, he did a great job of explaining how to keep the decision maker on the phone."

Derek McShane, Sales Representative First Response

"Sincere and down-to-earth solutions to getting good prospects! Scott knows what and how to help us improve our sales and keeps it interesting. He knows our "PAIN". Thank You!"

Ken Brown, V.P. Assured Services  

Part 2: Power Prospecting Secrets that the Pros Use to Get Results.  In today’s environment if you’re relying strictly on your telephone prospecting to fill your pipeline you’re gonna STARVE!

$ - The 11 reasons why people just like you fail to prospect effectively.

$ - 40+ ways to get your sales message in front of new prospects so YOU DON’T HAVE TO COLD CALL ALL DAY!

$ - 20+ low cost or FREE ways to prospect that produce results.

$ - How to create a prospecting “cook book” that guarantees that you’ll meet or exceed your goal for the year. I give you the Excel template that removes the guess work and translates your goals to actionable behaviors.

$ - The essential components of any prospecting plan and how to simply and easily build one. Again I give you the exact formula.

$ - What the difference between active and passive prospecting is and why you need both styles in your arsenal.

$ - The importance of personal brand in this “post-Google” world and how to build your credibility quickly, easily and effectively.


You might be thinking “That Looks Overwhelming” and if that’s the case let me put your mind at ease by sharing with you the additional coaching sessions we’ve added on top of the workshop.


New for 2009: 3-Months of ongoing, follow-up telephone coaching sessions!

Every Wednesday morning for the 3-months following the workshop you’ll be able to participate in a group coaching telephone session. That’s twelve chances to ask questions, walk through examples WHATEVER YOU NEED TO MASTER THE MATERIAL.  A $1,500 value.

Please Note: This tremendous value is for Illinois residents only.


So Here’s Everything You Get by Attending This Program

1. 4 Hour Power Prospecting and Fearless Cold Calling Webinar

2. A copy of the newly expanded Fearless Cold Calling Workbook

3. A Power Prospecting Workbook, with new additions for 2009

4. An Excel template that makes developing your cookbook a snap

5. 3-Months of follow-up telephone coaching sessions

For Just: $301   


If you are one of the first 100...


In 2005 I charged $301 for this event WITHOUT THE ADDITIONAL COACHING SESSIONS!


I don’t live in a vacuum though. I know you’re probably scrutinizing every investment you’re making in yourself this year so I’m giving you the chance to earn yourself a big discount.


That’s over $1,800 for just $301  $197



First 15 Registrants: 2- 15 minute personalized, 1-to-1 telephone coaching sessions. A $150 value. You’ll be amazed at how much we can cover in just 15 minutes when you come prepared with questions and sticking points.

First 25 Registrants: 1- Telephone script review and tune-up. Send me what you’ve got and I’ll email you back my suggested improvements. A $100 value.

First 50 Registrants: 1- Prospecting plan or “cookbook” review and tune-up. Email me your “best fit” plan or cookbook and I’ll send you back recommendations. A $100 value.

First 100 Registrants: 5 Biggest Wastes of Marketing Money and 7 Ways to Dramatically Grow Your Business For Free MP3 Audio. A $35 value. 




If at the end of your 4-Hour Webinar, FOR ANY REASON you do not believe, in good conscious that your investment of time and money has been more than recouped by the value you received I will refund your entire tuition cost. You can even keep the 2 workbooks. The risk is all on me. Simply email me and request the refund. 

Of course you will be forfeiting the 3-months of follow-up coaching and all of the other course and bonus materials and that’s fair. Right? 

"Powerful! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs to get in front of prospects in order to fuel business growth. Scott and Empire Consulting have really hit a home run!"

Karen Kelly, V.P. Illinois Trade Association

"Though area specific sales are not my primary responsibility I would recommend Empire Consulting's Power Prospecting Workshop to all professionals as a way to sharpen their widespread capabilities and to be more effective in today's business world."

Juan Paz, Campaign Manager
Sales Automation Support, Inc. 

"This is a terrific workshop.  The presentation is concise, intelligent and fun.  Scott has a generous flow of great ideas, explained and demonstrated in a non-threatening, empowering manner.  Thank you. I highly recommend Scott and Empire Consulting."

Pam Lowry, Client Services Manager
Second City Computers, Inc.


Name Sales End Price
First 100 Webinar Attendees   Ended $197
General Admission Ended $301

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