This empowering workshop for beginning to advanced presenters combines training in good vocal technique with practice in giving clear, effective, and compelling presentations. Judy Ringer and Susan Losapio team up to help participants develop a more powerful voice, enhance confidence and presence, and connect with an audience.

You’ll learn simple kinesthetic practices to use before, during, and after presentations and be guided in the Four Defining Characteristics of a Powerful Presentation. You will have the opportunity to deliver two short presentations on tape and receive individual coaching. No preparation required.

The success of your presentation is a direct result of how effective you are as a presenter. Begin now to increase your power and presence with audiences from one to one hundred.

Activities include:

  • Speaking With Confidence and Presence
  • Managing Your Breath, Voice, and Body for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Connecting With Your Audience
  • Visual Learning Through Videotaped Mini-Presentations
  • Group Discussion
Lunch included

Comments from past participants:

“Great exercises. . . The time was used efficiently and effectively. Sue and Judy were a great team -- well organized and smooth!”

“I absolutely recommend this course. I rarely get useful feedback like this in the workplace, and I became aware of the unconscious things I do while presenting.”

“I so enjoyed your workshop. I look forward to making a presentation to my coworkers at the end of the month using the ideas you teach.”

Judy Ringer provides conflict and communication skills training throughout the U.S. and Canada with unique workshops based on mind/body principles from the martial art aikido, in which she holds a black belt. She is the author of Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict and Managing Conflict in the Workplace: An Aiki Approach.

Susan Losapio, founder of Losapio Training and Consulting, teaches sales training, communication, management and marketing, and delivers top-quality presentations throughout New England. She is an Assistant Professor in the Organizational Leadership Department of the School of Business at Southern New Hampshire University.

Registration required.

Directions to the site, as well as other logistical information, will be mailed upon registration.

Name Sales End Price
Early Bird Ended $145
Attendee Ended $155
Alum   Ended $130
Group Attendee   Ended $140

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