Portable Contacts Summit

The Portable Contacts Summit is an event for developers interested in helping us get from the current draft spec to a finalized 1.0, supported by the community and implemented by provider and consumer sites of all sizes. 

The summit will be hands-on and interactive. We'll focus on how to implement Portable Contacts as a provider and as a consumer. We plan to have a couple of reference implementations of the current draft live by the summit. We hope to uncover any and all issues in the current draft spec that would prevent broad and rapid adoption.

Who should attend? Developers of sites that provide or consume "people data," including traditional address book data and/or modern social network data (profiles and friends lists). This will be a technical summit, focused on how to implement Portable Contacts.

More info on Portable Contacts, including the current draft spec, can be found at portablecontacts.net.

Many thanks to MySpace, who have volunteered to host this event, which will include lunch (and beers afterwards). 

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