Girls in Tech: Pitch It Up In 15-Seconds!

Welcome to the first Girls in Tech Pitch It Up in 15-Seconds social workshop!  We're very excited to kick-off our first workshop with Pitch It Up how to market yourself in 15-seconds. At a time when small business ventures can benefit from an economic slowdown it is important to know how to best market your business and close the sale in the shortest sales cycle. 

We are lucky to have Laura Allen, pitch extraordinaire to help us master the science and creativity on how to deliver the perfect pitch.  She partners with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about dramatically increasing their sales.  She understands that selling is extremely tough for many people, so she motivates her clients to have fun while getting comfortable “asking for the sale.” Laura works with her clients to create customized sales strategies that focus on their core strengths and make the cash register ring.

The event is exclusive to women in tech entrepreneurs, startups, professionals and career shifters looking to improve their pitching skills. We're hosting the workshop in a collaborative and relaxed environment at a private residence with wine and cheese plates.

The agenda is simple:

6:00 - 6:30PM Registration, Networking and Refreshments

6:30 - 6:35PM Welcome from Girls in  Tech

6:35 - 7:35PM How To Pitch It Up in 15 Seconds With Laura Allen

7:35 - 8:05PM Questions and Answers

8:05 - 8:35PM Networking

Please bring $10.99 in cash or check for this event as we're still working on automating our Paypal account.

Before or after our workshop you can also sign up for Laura Allen's full-program The 15SecondPitch™ Professional Pitch Training package and avail of the special $495 Girls in Tech price (Save $250!) before the event.  Register today special discount ends October 6 at midnight!

See you there!


Jessica and Davina

Girls in Tech co-founders




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