PHXRising Community Choir - "Sharing the Light" Join us for our 5-week Fall season beginning Sept 28, 2009

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The PHXRising Community Choir

We welcome shower singers, freeway devas and karaoke crooners.  If you love to sing we would love for you to sing with us!

For almost a decade our school has taught individuals and groups of people to utilize singing as a vehicle for personal and community growth and transformation.  As one alumni shared, "When I sing music composed by Dr. Moses my heart is opened, and my spirit is lifted." 

Our participants consistently report increased inner harmony, peace and joy while deepening of their spiritual journey. The PHXRising Community Choir is the perfect way to improve your voice, increase your musical skills and develop greater powers of self expression in a network of spiritually active people.

Course Description:  In this community choir class participants are instructed in techniques and exercises which can quickly improve the naturally resonant quality of the voice, and increase the accuracy of the ear’s musical hearing ability.  The goal of the class is to expand the musical skills and cultivate the musical experience of the individual and the group while creating a fully-functional choir with the ability to sing “in tune, in time, with a good tone.”  This event is 20% instructional and 80% experiential. 

In addition to rehearsing the music which has been selected for the season, each class session will include vocal warm-ups, resonance development, ear-training, and diction exercises.  Participants will be provided with downloadable mp3 files for private practice.   A 10-minute daily vocal skills protocol will be provided for strengthening the voice, increasing resonance, expanding the lungs and improving the quality of the participants sound.

Curriculum:  Participants will be singing music composed by HGMoses as a part of the "You Were Born to Sing" curriculum of the Institute of Harmonic Science.   This music was designed and developed to facilitate easily singing in multi-part harmony by voices which may not have had formal musical training.  Selections include some popular songs from previous seasons, as well as new material created for this season. Rehearsal tracks will be provided as MP3 files for download.

Our classes are non-sectarian, and non-denominational though our music has a decidedly spiritual focus.   The music features lyrics which speak of the beauty and wonder of Cosmos, humanity’s divine Destiny,  personal empowerment, the importance of the community, and our call to be in  service to humanity.  Students of all faith traditions are welcome.  The “Sharing the Light” season celebrates the transforming power of Love and Light in particular.

A Personal Note from HGMoses, director:  "I am particularly motivated regarding this new season as it is both a summation of our past as well as a new initiative leading us into our future.  “Sharing the Light” will feature a more concise way of learning parts, and a 10-minute daily practice which will absolutely improve the resonance of your voice, the accuracy of your ear, resulting in an increased ability to sing in tune and in harmony. 

In addition to new music written for this season, we will be singing some favorites pieces from past seasons scored as new arrangements including, “Heal the Children” (a new 3-part version), “In Fields of Green” (a former solo), "Wash Away" (a new 4 part version) and “I Will be Who I’m Meant to Be” (a newly expanded high-energy arrangement).

More than ever I am convinced that the singing of this music in a community choir setting will be personally transformative, healing and intensify the quality of our lives.  In fact I’m counting on it!  Now more than ever, PHXRising is a spiritual journey disguised as a choir.”

Prerequisites and Commitments:  Each participant should already have a working relationship with their singing voice.  We welcome people from different levels of singing styles, experience and training.  A participant should already enjoy singing (freeway divas and shower singers are welcome).  As always there will be no auditions.  We will be using printed sheet music.  If you do not have music reading skills now, you will.   NOTE: Participants who have had limited choir singing experience must attend both Pre-season Workshops.

Participants agree to come to all rehearsals, devote 10-minutes a day to developing their voice through an exercise protocol, and practice their parts at home.  Our choir members have a sincere desire to cultivate their singing voice, improve their music reading skills, and develop their musicality.   In addition participants must enjoy having a great time singing in harmony with a group of amazing people while performing in resonant spaces.  Come on in - the water of the Spirit is warm...

Age level:  Youth (age 12-21) and Adults  

Class Schedule: 

Monday, Sept 14  7-9 PM : Preseason Workshop* #1 - COMPLETED

Monday, Sept 21  7-9 PM : Preseason Workshop* #2

Monday, Sept 28  7-9 PM : Class #1 

Monday, Oct 5      7-9 PM : Class #2

Monday, Oct 12    7-9 PM : Class #3

Monday, Oct 19    7-9 PM : Class #4

Monday, Oct 26    7-9 PM : Class #5

Performance Dates

Nov 1 - Phoenix Human Services Campus  / Time: TBA

Nov 7 - Paradise Valley United Methodist Church-Chapel*

             "Sharing the Light" Performances 4 PM and 7 PM

             Food Drive for St. Mary's Food Bank

*Preseason Workshop:
  We are providing 2 free pre-season classes designed to jump start participants without recent choir experience in order to feel at home quickly.  These workshops are open to all participants and are recommended for every member of the choir.  If you have not sung* in a choir for a while, are not sure of your vocal range, need to learn or brush up on your reading music skills, these classes are a MUST.  Participants will be given tools for getting the most out of the season's rehearsals, and be given techniques for learning their choir parts quickly and easily.  (*Dr. Moses offers private and group lessons prior to the beginning of the choir season.)


4455 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church - Chapel

Please park in the West lot and walk across the North Bridge.  A map of the church campus is here:

(Note: Our rehearsal space opens at 6:30 for toning, meditation and working with the energy of harmonic vibration.  We deeply appreciate PVUMC's willingness to rent us this beautiful, resonant space. It is ideal for our season!)

Enrollment Limit: 150

 Adult membership is $100 per person, which includes all online and handout materials. Youth (age 12-21) may enroll for $50.  Families are encouraged to take advantage of our $200 Family membership which allows participation by 2 adults and all children ages 12-21. Singing together as a family is a remarkable experience.

Limited partial work scholarships are available.  Please contact the Institute at 602-439-9195 to discuss your request.  If you feel led to contribute to our scholarship fund, please call our office at 602-439-9195.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Individual Membership - Adult Ended $100 $6.49
Individual Membership - Youth (age 12-21) Ended $50 $3.74
Couple Membership - 2 Adults Ended $200 $11.99
Family Membership (parents and all age 12-21 children) Ended $200 $11.99

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