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If you intended to attend this session, we apologize but we are overbooked; but, feel free to register for the next session.



Are you a small business owners who is wasting time and money on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Constant Contact, iContact and other web tools.

Sure, having an arsenal of tech tools is fine....if you really need them AND know how to use them.  However, it you don't know how to use them, you could waste months, lose clients and completely miss your financial targets.

Technology is supposed to make your life easier.  Spending half your work day updating your Facebook status, then your blog, then your twitter account, sending eNewsletters, etc. does NOT make your life easier.

  • Who cares if a social media whatchamacallit is cool, if it does not bring results?
  • Do your online processes streamline your offline processes?
  • And, how do you know which tools are the best and how to make them work for your business?

This workshop is for business people who understand that time is money.  During this workshop, we will identify which tools will bring you the fastest results; outline and implement your personal internet strategy based on your business process; and, show you how to save time, money and attract clients.

The hands-on no nonsense 5GRTech Approach to New Media programme is tailored for the business person who does not have time to waste.  If you need help connecting the new media dots, this step-by-step program is for you.  We will unravel the web in a clear, easy to understand format.

Some of the tactics that will be shared during this hands-on workshop:pulling-hair-out

  • Why you will not need to purchase Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • How to measure and analyze your online campaigns
  • What comes first, the blog post or the eNewsletter
  • What is a Community Manager and why you may need one
  • How to update your own website just using a browser
  • Automating your social media updates
  • Automating your blog entries
  • How to obtain free voice mail, call forwarding & phone number for your business or non-profit
  • Financing your tech strategy
  • How to receive 24/7 Tech Support

Because this is an intense 2 hour immersion, we have reduced the number of computers & seats available.  Class size is restricted to only 12 people.  In addition to the workshop, participants will receive a signed copy of Fabulous & Tech-Filled: Volume 1 by tech expert, JC Lamkin, PMP. 

Gypsy Lane Technology clients and 5GRTech sponsors can receive a 50% discount off the admission cost by emailing Rebecca McGlynn, rebecca [dot] mcglynn [at] gltMYpc [dot] com for the discount code and entering this code at checkout. Training refund policy

Please feel free to submit your specific questions during registration. The hash tag for this event is #techstrategies

Internet Technology and Philadelphia Area Businesses
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009
Time: from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (ET)

Northwest Regional Library
Computer Lab
68 West Chelten Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144-2795
Lower Level
Cost: $150.00 (50% discount for 5GRTech & Gypsy Lane Technology customers)