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To Get Anyone to
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“Announcing The Latest Ultimate Persuasion Seminar Live From 
Las Vegas On July 20th, 21st and 22st, 2007!”

  Dear Friend,

Maybe you9ve heard what it means to be a "master persuader" or a "sales god" and to be someone who can attract the exact people that they want into their life.

The fact is those words mean nothing compared to what it is really like.


We want you to FEEL what it9s like
to be the most powerful and
influencial person you9ve ever known.

That is why the 2007 Ultimate Persuasion Seminar is going to be about experiencing and doing persuasion.

You won9t just learn skills.  You will experience being incredibly persuasive.

It9s what we are calling a "deep end of the pool" training where you will
learn persuasion skill and have them ingrained in your neurology so that they become instantly accessible and automatic ...right when you need them.

We are looking for a very small number of people, only 10 to 15 people, who are willing to do whatever it takes to learn powerful persuasion skills and use them for life.

Here are a few things you9ll learn:

Wealth Building Strategies Hypnotically Installed. (You9ll laugh when you discover how easy it and notice all you9ve been missing)

Build a Cult like following. (Sound ominous doesn9t it? But imagine your friends, lovers and customers loving you and everything you do. Yes, it9s possible!)

Dark NLP Strategies. (It9s frightening to know that someone can lead you into a suicidal depression over what seems like an "innocent" conversation but it9s possible. You9ll learn these skill and how to protect yourself from them being used on you.)

Creating Luck. (Imagine looking back on your life and realizing that everything you wanted seemed to have come to you as if by magic.  That is what real luck is like and there are specific things you can do to make it happen.)

Unstoppable Self confidence and Self Esteem. (You9ll learn the pricesless skill of  how to feel 40 feet tall and unbreakable. Your self-confidence can be so powerful that people will instantly feel safe and trusting in your presence.)

 Automatically attract whatever you want in your life. (Imagine the people you are most attracted to comeing to you like heat seeking missles. It will all happen because of a change that YOU make within yourself.)

 How to be a authority in your field. (The amazing thing is that this has nothing to do with your resume of accomplishments. It has everything to do with the thoughts, actions and beliefs that you build within your mind.)

 How to make an instant mental shift that will attract people to you as if by magic.
(This shift is so powerful that, for a lot of lonely and frustrated people, it alone is worth the cost of the training.

 How to "enchant" anyone to do whatever you ask them. (Everyone agrees this is the most enjoyable way to persuade and to be persuaded... and no one has ever taught it before now!!)

 Have an unbreakable Will power. ("Will" is the stuff that truly makes things happen. You9ll learn how to build an unstoppable Will so that what every you want you get. All you have to do is decide.)

 Be able to twist people9s minds into knots and rearrange their personalities covertly, anytime, anywhere. (This is one of the so called "Dark" strategies but it can also be used to make people incredibly happy.)

To get all of this you will have to attend because  this seminar will NOT be video taped .

The reasons  we will NOT be video taping this seminar  are:

  • We9vealready gotten some committments from some very important people whoknow the value of what they9re going to learn. They have asked fortheir anonimity and are willing to pay us for it. 
  • Someof the Dark NLP processes are so powerful we have to provide some safeguard for abuse. Granted, a smart person with some NLP trainingcould figure them out but we don9t want to give these tools to justanyone who might use them to get revenge or settle a grudge. 
  • Oneof our speakers, Jack "JK" Ellis, has made a very good living teachingpeople some of the more "devious" and manipulative forms of persuasion... the stuff that is just not fair to use... as a result there arepeople out therewho would like to find out who he is and hurt him. We are protectinghis well being by keeping his face limited to those who pay the moneyand want to learn. 

Five Reasons Why This Seminar Is Different
From Any Other Seminar You9ve EVER Experienced...

This seminar will be unlike any other seminar that you have ever attended...or could even imagine.

It9s even better.  Here9s why. 

First off, the seminar instructors are not a bunch of buttoned-down, stuffed-shirt, "book knowledge only", ivory tower academics.  No.  What we are is a bunch of street-smart go-getters who earned our black belts in persuasion out there in the trenches...actually doing it. 

Second, you9re going to get these insider persuasion tactics embedded into your brain and behavior so that they9re truly second nature to you.  By the end of the seminar, you9ll persuade automatically...and you9ll triumphantly stride out of the seminar...AS a master persuader...with the ability to talk anyone into anything, anytime.

Here9s why that is true.  It9s because we teach you in an advanced way guaranteed to make sure you "get it" a core level.  This ain9t anything like those boring classroom lectures you had in high school or college. Yawn.  This is a hands-on, get-going-now, bootcamp-style training where we9ll teach you the techniques, demonstrate the techniques for you, and then have you jump in and actually do the exercises yourself.

Third,  this  will be the very first time ever that a seminar will teach you "The Dark Stuff" by demonstrating it on people. Keep in mind we WILL undo any bad effects but we can9t think of a better way to help you understand the power of what you are going to learn.  For most people, this would scare them away to know this amount of real power is being exposed to the public. What you will leave with is what works!

Fourth, we9re going to make sure you have an unstoppable, fun incentive to go out on the town in Las Vegas and test your skills. Remember it9s Las Vegas and anything can happen... also what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

This is exactly how and why you9ll "get it" and become a sales god/master persuader matter what...even if you walked in the door the first day as the rawest rookie persuader there ever was.

Fifth,  remember how I said this is a "deep end of the pool" type of training?  We are qualifying everyone interested in attending. Only those people who want to learn persuasion with a passion will be allowed in. That is why we are limiting the attendance to 15 people tops. If you think you can get by sitting in the back of the room and soaking up the information you are dead wrong!!!  You will be learning by doing and anyone who doesn9t know that from the start shouldn9t even try to attend.  

In order to attend you must be willing to do all the exercises as they are described and provide 110% encouragment to your fellow participants.

If for any reason we think you9ll slack, back out, or not give your 110% support to the group then we have to assume you aren9t that passionate about learning these skills.

The good news is....

You will be getting the best instruction possible and enjoying the 110% encouragment  from everyone enrolled.

This will be a Win-Win for everyone!

Name Sales End Price Fee
Full Price (paid after July 1st 2007) Ended $1297 $9.95
Early Bird Special (Pay befor July 1st) Ended $997 $9.95

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