BRC Advances Towards Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine promises to resolve many problems in drug discovery. Medicines given to heterogenous patient populations may be more effective if the more susceptible individuals are differentiated from non-responders or the hypersensitive. Several tumor subtypes can already be identified and correlated with the optimal therapeutics. This session will provide insights to how and why disease profiling and clinical trials could be done better. We will also explore how existing or new technologies are being applied to map and analyze genetic and tumor types so that treatment protocols can be optimized for the best outcomes.

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The Experimental Man Project: The impact of biomarkers and personalized medicine on patients and consumersDavid Ewing Duncan, Director, Center for Life Science Policy, UC Berkeley

An institute without walls to further collaborations in translational medicine for pediatric cancer
Beth Anne Baber
Co‐Founder, CEO, and President, The Nicholas Conor Institute for Pediatric Cancer Research

The Coming Age of Theranostics
Amit Agarwal, Partner, Scientia Advisors
Changing decision‐making in life sciences & personalized medicine: Applied Semantic Knowledgebases (ASK ®) at work!
Erich A. Gombocz, Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, IO Informatics

Personalized and Painless: A Non-invasive Disease Detection and Companion Diagnostic Tool
George Schwartz, CEO, DermTech, and
William Wachsman, Associate Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego

Introducing the Genome Commons
Steven Brenner
Principal Investigator of the Genome Commons
Associate Professor at the University of California, Berkeley

Frequency of somatic mutations in human tumors classified by embryonic origin of tissues: identification of developmental lineage‐specific oncogenes and tumor suppressors
Adam Pavlicek, Senior Principal Scientist in Computational Biology, Pfizer

Looking for cancer‐causing genes‐‐tumor vs. host?
David W. Moskowitz, MD, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, GenoMed

Point-of-care Personalized Medicine
Ferran Prat
, VP of Oncology and VP of Women’s Health at Inverness Medical Innovations


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