A Path to Unity: Getting to the Heart of Racism and Other “Isms”

Mindful Resolutions, Consciousness in Action, and 6 Acres Bed & Breakfast have united to create a truly unique event for healing and reconciliation.



Was former-President Carter right?

A Path to Unity is designed to enlighten people who are in service to others, parents who want to teach acceptance to their children, and couples in non-traditional relationships. The strength of us all is determined by our ability to unite in the realization of oneness.


Purpose: Our purpose is to provide a pathway to healing hearts and minds from the effects of racism and other “isms." Discrimination and prejudice (pre-judge) tear a hole in the fabric of one's being no matter which side of it you are on. This is not about malicious, conscious behavior, but the subtle programming that affects the subconscious. We believe that, in the words of our Founding Fathers, we must begin to form “A more perfect union” and this a beginning.


These are the sentiments of a 20 year old:

“The worst kind of racism is indifference. The reason why racism is still prevalent in our society today is because, though many people agree that racism is wrong and do not actively take part in it, they also do not actively take part against it. Racism is still prominent in music, sports, the news, politics, education, and even airport security. This slideshow addresses these issues, as well as 20th century racism. The need for dispelling indifference is pertinent and the only way in which myself and everyone else can end racism. By casting down the chains of impassivity, only then will we be able to unite as human beings.” Harmony Lambert (The slideshow will be shown during the workshop)


What you will get out of this workshop is the ability to communicate more effectively and compassionately with your colleagues, clients, friends and in some cases, family members by dissolving the unconscious effects of racism and other “isms.” Most people are not consciously hurtful, but sometimes, in your blind spots, have attitudes, beliefs, and fixed emotions that hinder us from being authentic. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others which reduces the potential for violence and hostility whether it’s work, play or relationships.

Methodology: We will offer information and exercises designed to be a catalyst for new thinking through:

  • Historical Background
    • Historical Documents
    • Videos (Past topresent)
    • What does it mean to be an American?
  • Exploring fear
    • What is your greatestfear?
    • What is your greatesthope?
  • Exploding Myths
    • Examining Stereotypes
  • Sharing Personal Experiences
  • Panel Discussion
  • Four Cornerstones of Life:Creating a new way of being in the world.
    • Values
    • Vision  
    • Purpose
    • Mission
  • Presenters Include:
  • Dr. Deborah Ooten
  • Barbara Dixon
  • Kristin Kitchen

In this workshop there will be many opportunities for dialogue, sharing, and reflection during the processes, while breaking bread, and contemplative meditation. Included is entry into the Freedom Center and to the V.I.P. dinner on Friday night. Keynote speaker Thomas Green, Iraq War veteran who has a awesome story to tell; from death back to life and from paralysis to walking again.


We could not have picked a more suitable location than 6 Acres Bed & Breakfast. Built between 1850 and 1860 this beautiful home has a unique connection to the Underground Railroad.  Having been owned and built by Zebulon Strong, noted abolitionist and participant in the Underground Railroad, this home honors the spirit of that tradition offering food and shelter to weary travelers. Join us on the Path to Unity.

To book lodging for the event see our special rates: Six Acres Bed & Breakfast

Name Sales End Price Fee
Participant Ended $295 $7.38
Couples-Partners Ended $395 $9.88
Early Bird Ended $245 $6.12

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